The Wizard
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Villain....of sorts (see below)

White male (human) / 6'4" / 250 lbs / Bald head / Bright Ice Blue eyes / Black goatee beard with flecks of grey / Black mustache
Age - physically appears 35, but really is over 350 years old (actual years may vary, because he has spent so much time in other times/dimensions). Slender, but athletic build.
Notable characteristic - Ears are slightly pointed.

- Blood red robe. Front opened, closed with a purple silk sash. Made of a strange alien metal, finely woven, and feels and flows like silk.
----- Resists extremes of cold and heat.
----- Bullet proof (up to 50 caliber)
- Black hooded cloak. Woven of a thick cloth made from the wisps of dimensional shadows.
-----Allows for the moving through other dimensions. Allows for the travel through, and manipulation of, shadows.
- Purple sash - Unknown properties. Suspected to be uncuttable, and able to stretch to undetermined lengths.
- Amulet - Unknown properties. Used as a cloak clasp. Golden color with image of an open eye.

- Superior martial arts, combining many techniques from this and other worlds/times/dimensions.
- Hyperquick reactive senses
- Heightened immune system
- Master of weapons with blades (can go toe-to-toe with Sasori)
- GrandMaster skill with quarterstaff

- Ability to alter vision to see things as they truely are.
- Ability to hypnotise others (rarely does though)
- Ability to heal himself (but goes into a trance-coma when doing so). The worse the wounds, the longer he must rest to regain his strength.
- Some psychic ability, but primarily defensive. Strong mental defenses developed over centuries.

- Power to use and manipulate magical and elemental forces to do his will. Can form material objects as defined by his mental wishes. If he uses his staff, his magical powers are increased 100 fold.

- None specifically. If has a weakness, it is for Supergirls and petite females of Asian descent.

- 6' Quarterstaff. Made of a deep reddish wood from another dimensional world. Appears smooth, but close observation by those with mystic sight can see thousands of tiny runes all along the staff. The staff is immensely hard and dense, and cannot be cut by any known substance, or broken by any known force. If broken, it's energy would be released in a blast equalling 10 nuclear weapons of 100megatons each. It is capped with a golden metallic substance at it's foot, as well as a knob encircled at it's base with a band of the same golden metal.


- Small golden 'Fairy Dragon'. Size of a large cat, with 3' wing span, and a 2 foot long prehensile tail.
Covered with glittering small scales that are primarily gold in color, but with flecks of all the color in the rainbow. Wings a reddish gold. Cute is the only thing to say that can describe him. He can understand all languages spoken to him, and communicates via yips, barks, snarls, etc. Is very emotional and laughs often, and purrs when content and happy. Has a mouth full of tiny sharp teeth. His claws are very sharp and can cut most known substances, but are often retracted. He is 200 years old, though physically only 20 because of BlazeStryker. He is usually sleeping wrapped about the top of the Wizard's staff, gripping the top-knob with his two front paws, the head of his staff with his back paws and with his tail wrapped several times around the staff, often looking only like a gold ornament. His eyes are huge, cat-like and bright green.
-Ability to fly and hover.
-Ability to see things as they truely are. Illusions do not fool him
- Ability to shift colors in scales to camoflauge himself against whatever he is standing/resting upon.
- Breath-weapon -- Chloroform gas and Aphorodisia gas
- Has an unbreakable telepathic link with The Wizard. He is not a 'pet', but a VERY loyal friend and companion.
- When on the staff, he becomes a part of it, and is able to suck up the mystical energys via the staff, to cough up small magical globes that are given to the Wizard who utilizes them in various ways. Also, can regurgitate other items in accordence with The Wizard's wishes, as long as he is on the staff, and the object is no larger than his mouth. (rope for example)
- Chocolate makes him EXTREMELY horney.
- He can eat just about anything.
- The dragon has no name that can be pronounced with the human tongue.
- He adores Flamestrike106 (ask her why! lol)

- For being a 'villain', The Wizard isn't that bad. He has been known to do 'good' things for others. He has a strong sense of friendship and a code of honor that is higher than many of the 'so-called' hero/ines that he faces. He has a quick wit and a great sense of humor, often smiling or grinning. He is also very polite, though can be considered 'reserved' towards those who he is currently angry with, or who he considers a threat to himself or his friends. He enjoys beer, and prefers the japanese brew 'Sapporo'. He actually can be termed an "anti-villain", if such a creature does exist. The one thing that probably does make him a 'super-villain' more than anything else is his intense desire to capture and dominate Supergirl....anytime...anyplace. He also has a 'thing' for petite females of Asian descent. He is not openly aggressive, tending to prefer to draw his opponents to attack him first. His feeling towards the superheroine Flamestrike106 is a matter of great confusion for him.

- The Tailor
- The Goon
- Crowwe
- Golden-Mane

- Flamestrike106

- Supergirl {any and all! (heh heh heh) }
- Sasori

- Became lovers with the super-heroine Flamestrike106
- Turned the vampiresses Ashura's hair white when she attempted to steal his staff, then almost killed her.
- Fought and badly wounded by Sailor-Gemini, who was under mind-control. Released her from the mind