I've been doing some limited role-playing on IRC in the Superheroines in Peril chat room and have developed me screen name into a character for the purposes of roleplaying there... or just being me.... the real J. When I become the character, I am a sorceress, wizardress, of sorts. Magical powers are limitless... which is kind of cool because I never know what I'm going to do! (hehehehehe!) Of course, she is a highly sensual being and very caring and protective of others. She is also a healer. Her description is similar to that of the Temptress as she is blue-eyed and has long, wavy blonde hair. She wears a crimson cloak with a hood and appears to float mysteriously while wearing it. Once the cloak is removed, she stands about 5'6" wearing a long black dress with long sleeves and a scoop neck. The dress reaches down to her calves. A long slit travels up the dress and reaches high up on her left thigh. Her dainty feet encased in black slippers. I hope to have portraits done of both Vladis J the character and the Temptress. Have a great day! J