Born in the first light of a rainy spring morn Swann came to be, bearing the mark of her namesake. As spring morns always have been and always shall be so too is the Swann; ancient and new. Born of the dawn, she strives to share light in mind, body and soul.

Healer to all in honored need Swann shall not hesitate in facing risk to free the ailing in heart and health. Self-inflicted harm rests in the shadows of darkness, leaving her unable to treat such without tainting all skill as impure.

Feather-power rests secure from the silken cords plaited in her honeyed tresses, feathers and cords color-bound in ability, as oft reflected in her eyes. From the silvered healing to ivory purification, all colors hold power, as too the ebon feather holds darkness in its down and poison in its silky cord. As one wrought of nature’s depths, Swann draws too from flora and fauna, element and earth. Reliant upon the spring-fed waters of her pond to create ointment and elixir, the location is protected as readily as the swan marked key to her powers.

Human to all, Swann shall only take on the graceful wings and taloned fingers of the swan in her full at the height of all emotion. Whether passion or pain at its peak her wings shall appear gloried from her back, her powers at their height.

In darkness there is light
As too, shadows upon the dawn
Velvet to steel, silk to sand,
to evil’s ebony night


Neither heroine nor villainess, such is the Swann`.