Shadow Walk By entering shadow, even her own, Sasori can teleport herself, exiting to another shadow. She also can catch with her another people. Even if she prefer using this power on small distance, she can use it on long one.

Dark Weapon Sasori can summon any weapon she had see by using the shadow to create it. Even if she usualy prefer sumon Japanese weapon, or a bow, she may also can create firearms. For those there's no problem about reloading, cause the bullet are made of solid darkness.

Shadow Strike Sasori can teleport a part of her body (fist, kick, elbow, knee) to strike someone or something. After the strike the part come back to her body automaticaly. If someone catch the part, it automaticaly disapear, going intangible, and reconect to her body.

Dark Needles When angry, Sasori can let the darkness emerge from her body, taking the shape of dark needles. At this point, the needles cover her entire body, protecting it. She then, when she want, can choose to let the needle going back into her, or fly into a target. The needles are intangible, going throught any protection. They inflict reat pain, like an horrible cold into the flesh and bone of the target. The only problem is that this attack let Sasori very weak for some minutes.

Shadow Push After some seconds of concentration, Sasori can throw a tremendous invisible force against a target. She can only do this attack one time by hour.

Shadow Play With a little concentration, Sasori can modify shadow of any thing, moving it, changing his shape, even creating some small shadow. In fact she can first create one, then use it to teleport into.

Dark Healing By puting her hands on an other body, Sasori can heal any wound of it, taking them on ger own body. With this power she also can give some of her own energy to a weak people.

Dark Regeneration By entering a shadow, or let her own shadow come on her body, Sasori can heal any wounds on her, destroying any chemicals inside her, any bad substance inside her. The healing can take to 10 seconds to nearly 5 minits depending of the gravity of the wounds.

Dark Embrace Sasori can decrease the heat of her body to a very cold one, near to the ice one. In that state her reflex are a bit slow than usual, but her resistance is increased. She can come back to her normal heat when she want.