Name: Plastigirl

Affiliation: Nasty (fun lovin' evil)

Sex: Female

Known powers:Corporeal malleability, strength, resistance to physical damage

Weaknesses: Psych lim:Must toy with opponent - just bashing someone is not an option. Psych lim: Won't harm "normals" - only those who can take it.

Appearance: hard to say, given her powers. Usually seen as five ten black woman with a good mane of curly hair (think Karin Taylor). Costume is "electric mailbox-blue" hiny leotard, with white boots and gloves.

Picture to follow sometime.

Preferred play styles - Likes to knock heroines around, put them in corny deathtraps, spout cheesy dialogue. Is not interested in stripping or having sex (either party) - or bloody killing with sharp instruments.