Known Powers (The ablility to use the energy and anger inside himself to charge up any item with electrical energy. He also carries a long metal pole which is held in a strap on his back. This is used for fighting. The pole also has a small, thin spike on the end of it so he can jab someone and charge up the pole sending electricity into his enemy.

Known Weakness (Because he is haunted every night by nightmares of Holly, he tries to blank her out from his mind (quite hard to do considering her name's on his arm). The memories of what happened could either distract him, or send him into a violent fit smashing up all around him. Also using the electrical energy (depending on the strength of it) can weaken him so he rarely ever uses a strong charge.

Story [The Outcast was just a normal college student with everything going for him, until the day his house was robbed. His fiancee Holly was in the house at the time and was horrically beaten and then thrown out of one of the upstairs windows. When he returned home, he found her lifeless body on the ground. Blameing himself for her death, because he wasn't around when she needed him, and knowing he could not live without her he contemplated suicide. Instead he decided that he become a vigalante. He was not there to save Holly, he made a vow that if any women needed help he would risk his life not to let them down. So he would never forget this vow, he cut his fiancee's name into his arm using some broken glass from the window, leaving a permanent reminder. After years of intensive training in martial arts and the mysterious he became a one man fighting machine. His training in the mysterious taught him how to use the energy and anger within him to electrically charge anything he touchs. Together with his trusty fighting pole, he wanders from place to place attempting to rub out the blame for Holly's death by helping enough people.]