Powers (Norml human, Stong and agile for her size. Because of the attack and the fact that she is a lesbian she is extremly resistant to any type of control by men.) Weakness (Though resistant to male induced hypno or control, Night Kitten is seduced easily once caught by a villainess. Her worst fear, and almost a secret desire, is to be enslaved by a villainess, and evenutally becoming her evil assistant.)

Description(24 years old, 5'4, 120 lbs, chin length dark red hair, green eyes.) Costume (Simple black cat suit, black mask covering top half of head, short grey boots, grey gloves. Thin belt on waist with some goodies like rope, smoke bombs, handcuffs, gas mask few other odds and ends. Hooked to her right wrist is stun gun that connects when she punches with her right.)

Miscellaneous Notes: Night Kitten is basiclly a heroine but lacking in some morales. If she judges someone is evil she treats them like trash. She can be self absorbed at times and may not always assist other heroines if she is busy with a villaness. She will beat on or use people to achieve whatever her final goal happens to be.

History (NK began crime fighting after a brutal gang rape in a back alley. She is an ex-gymnist and High School track star accounting for her good physique.