Known Powers - (Expert markswoman and skilled with swords and martial arts. She has at her disposal now a dark energy infused in her by Sasori. Still learning to control it. Currently she is able to create whirlwinds of dark energy, frigid to the touch. She also has a dual shadow, whose use is not entirely known but its obvious that there is something there. Storms seem to come at her command, and the wind is always there when she needs it for dramatic purposes or not, and often there is the faintest shadow of a man behind her.)

Description - (Lyrra wears anything she wants, her favorite clothes now are a slim blue dress that falls down to her mid thighs. There is a slit along the length of the leg. Her next favorite outfit is a simple black leotard which she wears with nothing else no, boots, no wrists launchers.

Miscellaneous - (Lyrra is Huntress' pet, her right hand, and completely devoted to her mistress.)