Name: Lycragirl
Real Name: Patricia Styles
Age: 19 years.
Physical Description: jet black hair down to her shoulders usually put on a strict ponytail, green intense eyes, 5'6 125 lbs
Costyme: Usually a white catsuit wich covers everything but the head with a small zipper in the neck made by bulletproof spiderweb fabric, wich feels/looks like nylon lycra.
Over the catsuit a pink sleeveless high cut leotard with the white letters LG on the chest.
Long pink gloves and a pink cowl (similar to Batgirls) all made by nylon/lycra.
White utility belt and pink high heeled boots.
Powers: None superhuman, but she has excellent skills in martial arts and moves very fast.
Also trained with close combat weapons like swords, knifes and sticks.
And got her utility belt, with things like lock-picks, knockout pills, flashlight and minicamera.
Weakness: She is an ordinary woman.
And she is also like SuperMynx weak for nylon/lycra, it arouses her to feel the fabric against her skin.
And that sometimes makes her unconcentrated and an easy pray for villians.
To be tied up with different types of spandex clothing and then being rubbed with spandex against her spandex coverd body is her most common fantasy.
She also really gets aroused by getting beaten, tied up and tortured, she is a masochist and loves to be spanked on her spandex coverd as and have nipple clamps on her spandex coverd breasts etc etc.
That is her greatest weakness and if some villian would rub her with spandex or spank her butt, she would sorely speak out any secret.
But she would never admit it.
Background: Patricia was an ordinary girl who loved to dress in spandex, wich her gymnastics teacher found out and kidnapped Patricia to Japan, where she tortured the young girl and used her as her own plaything.
Patricia was saved by a ninja from the Koga-Ninja Clan who took the young girl to his master who trained her in martial arts.
After that Patricia decided to become Lycragirl and fight evil (and much because she could wear skinthight spandex all day, but she wouldnt admit it).
Soon after she became Lycragirl LadyDeath first appeared, she took over Patricias body and used it in her own perverted purposes.
Killing and torturing civillians and superheroines.
Lately she hasnt surfaced much but sometimes she takes over and there isnt anything Patricia can do about it.