Name: LadyDeath
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown (most likely very old)
Physical Description: same as Lycragirl
Costyme: Usually dresses in tight latex ot rubber tights/pants, top, long leather/latex coat, latex/rubber gloves, high heeled latex boots and sunglasses always in black.
Powers: To understand her powers you must understand what she is, she is a computer generated astral projektion.
She comes from another dimension where our reality is a computer program (much like in the film Matrix) and she can exist in our dimension because of a computer and a mysterious hacker who helps her and poor Lycragirl had the right brainwaves thats why she takes her body.
And like all other computer programs our reality can be manipulated, she can "download" things like weapons, clothing and manipulate the surroundings.
She has programmed her own astral projektion so she can move faster then any human, she moves so fast that time almost stands still.
And she doesnt follow our laws of physics, she can jump higher/longer then any human and walk on walls/roofs.
And she uses a whole arsenal of weapons from knifes to machine guns.
She also got excellent skills in martial arts.
Weakness: She is as fragile as an ordinary woman and she isnt stronger then an ordinary woman.
Background: Very little is known about her, it is known that she has worked as a hired killer several years ago.
It is known that she uses our reality as her plaything, she gets aroused by killing/torturing women, she is a true sadist.