KNOWN POWERS: Enhanced strength, agility, and molecular density. Able to shake off great amounts of damage. Immune/resistant to most poisons and drugs. Extensive training in mental discipline makes her highly resistant to interrogation and mental control. Her stretch Kevlar costume serves as additional protection.

KNOWN WEAKNESSES: Susceptible to physical damage and electricity, and possesses no defenses against magic.

DESCRIPTION: Attractive, in her mid-20s, Freedom Fighter stands 5'7" tall and appears to weigh 125# (although, due to her increased molecular density, she in reality weighs approximately 300#). She has straight, collar-length brown hair and gray eyes. Her costume onsists of a long-sleeved, high-necked blue stretch Kevlar leotard with a large white star on the chest and back, red Kevlar tights, red gloves, and blue boots. She sometimes wears an equipment belt with numerous pouches, and will carry the occasional weapon.

MISCELLANEOUS: Freedom Fighter is a member of a corps of super soldiers working for the U.S. Government. Despite her "All-American Girl" appearance, Freedom Fighter is pure warrior. Though considered a bit of a "Girl Scout" by many, she is a skilled fighter and is not above using every means at her disposal to win a battle. She is intensely loyal and patriotic, and is usually more than willing to spend herself against hopeless odds if the cause is worthy. While she doesn't have a secret identity, she is very secretive about her personal life and appears to have no romantic interests at all, often seeming aloof or cold. Whether this is due to simple military professionalism or some deeper reason is unknown to most. She is still adjusting to her high mass/volume ratio resulting from recent molecular therapy sessions, and has a bit of trouble with things like deep water and cheap furniture.