Ember dresses in a simple green leotard. She is slim to the point of being waifish, tiny in her form. She has a long cape yellow cape and green ankle boots and gloves. She is prone to jumping up and down and hugging people, forgetting whats there and accidentally causing injuries, and letting fires go unintended. She has inadvertantly caused several buildings to burn down and has caused countless dollars of destruction to properties in her wake with nary a thought. She is... a force of nature. One last thought on Ember. Its commonly mistaken that water will take her down, or even ice. Unfortunately Ember can concentrate her power so brightly almost any fluid towards her is either combustible or quickly melts or becomes steam. With Ember's power to make damn near anything combust anything around her is combustible. Ember is not to be under estimated. She could theoretically incinerate the world if she wanted. She would rather spend her time shopping for clothes. Ember is dumb as a brick. A true blonde. She is given to notions of fantasy and is trusting of anyone who tells her to trust them. She makes snap decisions and has a curious knack for forgetting anything bad that may happen to her. She is completely innocent, totally powerful, and at heart a complete idiot.