POWERS: good hand to hand skills, Her main powers stem from a small wrist comp called an electracomp...through this she can simulate may powers..flight.. forcescreens..and communicate with her home base..

Weakness: She is young impetious..headstrong..and innocent all in a ball of hyper energy..this can be a reall pain.. also an anomoly has brought Her and her compatriots from their native time..the 70's so modern things can confuse her a bit... (no player is not that old..dont get all specific on me)

Description: 5'6" 119 lbs chestnut hair..styled inn retro twin ponytails on either side of her head. eyes wide and innocent..deep brown .

Skin: fair

General: a pixie in pink spandex..but watch out ...

Qoute : electra (almost anything is electra something..hehe)