SHIP/SHImp Survey

Please include the following information when submitting the survey. Optional information need not be submitted
Character name - (you may submit common shortened alias' - OPTIONAL)
Affiliation - Specify Good/Evil/Neutral or Innocent bystander
Sex - Yes is not an appropiate answer, please state character sex - (State player sex as well - Optional)
Known Powers - (You need not list all powers, just the ones you're known for.)
Known Weakness - (You need not list all weakness, just the well known ones.)
Description - What your character looks like Height, Weight, Hair/Eye Color, and description of costume is appropiate.
Miscellaneous - You may list any miscellaneous information to me that you want. Favorite quotes, Prefered play style, etc.
I will make an effort to keep your statistics intact subject to the space available to me. Sending Bios in a .txt or .htm format will get you posted ALOT faster. Any picture you send will be sized to fit and included with your bio.