IRC Installation directions

You may want to print out or make notes on the steps listed on this page to make your life easier for installation.

Step One: Down load the needed software to access mIRC.

a) If you have a Windows 95,98, or NT operating system Click Here

b) On the off chance that you're using the Windows 3.11 Operatind system Click Here

Make a notation where you are saving the software before you begin the download process (it would be fustrating to download it and not recall where it is located) It will take a little bit of time to down load the software depending on how fast your modem it.

Step Two: Installing the new software on you computer. Simple process. Go to the directory you downloaded the software into and simply run the file located there (Only one file). When the prompt comes up press option

Step Three: Configuring your mIRC. This takes a little longer. Note the tool bar. The three most important buttons are the lightning bolt on the left and the two buttons to the right of it.
Click the second button, general options. Fill in the and section. Set the Dalnet server to
Click the lightning bolt. Wait to either get on or noted you had a problem with connection and try again. Be patient some nights it take more than a few tries others you're in on the first try (depending on line noise and server problems I suspect.)
Once you're connected go to #irchelp. These are the unsung heroes of IRC that will help you get settled in with more detailed problems and questions.
You usually spend some time now setting up your Nic (Nickname). Trial and error on what you can use. If you really have your heart set on a nic try using non letter characters to make it useable. ie. I've seen a nic conversion of Supergirl to _Supergirl_ which works just fine
Once you're settled on a nic come on in and hop into channel.
Superheroine role playing is done on two channels that I know of, #Superheroines_in_Peril