Superheroic Reading

Last Update Last Visted Rating Website Description
09/26/99 10/01/99 Four Heroines and Sidekick Aurora Universe Home Page - Collection of original Supergirl fiction based on the webmaster's fictional universe. Lots of supporting photomanipulations and such. Stories are broken down into easy to read chapters and arranged by character/author. A pleasent website to find reading.
Not Applicable 10/01/99 Three Heroines and Sidekick Beyond the code - A Hub to several Fan site of Adult Superheroine stuff. Includes links to Several sites with Superheroine art/manipulations.
09/26/99 10/01/99 Three Heroines and Sidekick Grey Archieves - A Achieve of adult fiction with two links on Superheroines. Clear concise with good catogorizing. Two super heroine links. a href="">Fan Heroines - Original Superheroines
08/29/99 10/01/99 Four Heroines Infinity Bridge - Collection of original Superheroine fiction. Stories and style run similiar to Aurora's Universe. A pleasent website to find reading
04/10/99 10/01/99 Three Heroines Ro's X-men Fanfixtion - Collection of stories featuring assorted mutants. Stories are from assorted writers and vary in quality and style. Average presentation.
01/01/99 01/01/99 Three Heroines and a Sidekick Villains Lair - Archieve of a wide variety of Superheroine fiction. No frills and spartan arrangement of website. Stories are indexed for easy referenceing. A good sampling of Superheroine genres.

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