Subscription Superheroine Sites

Last Update Last Visted Rating Website Description
09/28/99 10/02/99 Three Heroines and Sidekick Battling Babes - As far as I know. This is the first superheroine photo site (with the occassional non-superheroine story). Features weekly updates on Sunday. (Worth while site to look at)
10/03/99 10/03/99 Three Heroines Dreamcomixxx - For a paid sight it's a bit disappointing. Though all you need is Adult check to get in. If you have it,it's worth a looksie otherwise it's not going out of your way to see.
09/28/99 10/02/99 Five Heroines Superheroine Central - God I love this place. It was great when it was free. It's still a great place now that it's gone subscription. He has a sizeable free section of contributed donations from assorted people. The Pay section is for his own formidable talent to be showcased. Great substance in Art, and Photostories, and I'm sure Photomanipulations can't be far behind. In my opinion, the man is confident/talented enough to make a buck on his own work. You have to respect that.
04/05/99 10/03/99 Three Heroines Superheroine Unbound - Well the monthly updates seem to have stopped and the site is gathering dust. Still if you've never been in here, there are some interesting photos of heroines in tight costumes. Makes for some good eye candy. Uses Adult Gold. So if you have the access by all means take a peek.
09/24/99 10/03/99 Four Heroines Superheroine's Demise - Adult photo comic books depicting Superheroine being defeated. Weekly updates are made around Friday. A week trial subsciption is well worth it if you've never been inside.

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