The Tales of Lynx

Dancing with Scorpions

Chapter Two



After a few minutes, the super chick stopped struggling, the ether soaked pad having knocked her out, and I stood up, and looked around.


"Melvin, what now?" asked Larry, as I adjusted my glasses.  Yes, my name is Melvin..not a normal name for a gang leader, I know, but, what can ya do.  I'm not one for nom de guerre.  I gestured for him to be quiet, and I thought for a moment...this was different than some cop bitch..this was one of them heroines.  I couldn't hurt her too much. I wouldn't want Ultra Woman, or Shadow, or one of the other major heroines coming after us for revenge, so, I decided on a different plan.


Assmembling the rest of the gang...those that were up, that is, I issued orders, then went to the command center to watch.




An hour or so later.



The base's camera were all on, and Larry, Johhny, and I watched the super chick wake up.  She groaned, and slowly sat up, then gasped, momentarily suprised as she discovered she was naked.  She gave herself a once over, and realized pretty quickly that no one had done anything to her.


She stood up, walked around the small room we'd put her in, and got her bearings, then muttered "Well, Lynx, this is a fine mess...better get out of here."


So, now we knew her name, or at least the one she used when fighting crime.


Well, she checked out the room more, then went to the door.  Pressing her ear against it for a minute, she then flipped it was unlocked as that was part of the plan, and lept through it.  I don't know how she did it, but, she timed it perfectly, the door hitting Zed in the face, hard, and knocking him cold.


Oh well, casualties are part of any battle plan.


The Lynx stopped, gasping again.  She saw she was in our gym, and could see the other three guys I'd left play with her when she awoke.  With luck, they'd nail her, and we could move forward...if not, well, I had others nearby.  What caused her to gasp is that the guys - Morris, Bruno, and Ape, were all huge. Morris was the smallest at 6'6, and they were all well muscled, naked as she was, and hung.


Well, the three of them came at her quickly, already starting to harden as they rushed her.  She moved quick too, putting gym equipment between her and Bruno and Ape, leaving her, for the moment, one on one with Morris.


I leaned back in my chair, enjoying the show.  Her tits were quite firm, and jiggled wonderfully as she moved. 


Morris quickly got to her, grabbed them tits, and then pushed her backwards.  Her legs hit a bench, and she fell backwards, legs shooting up, arms flopping over her head, onto the weight lifting bench.


She moved well with it, though, turning her fall into a roll, then flip, and landing nicely on some mats..right in front of Ape, who grabbed her, pinning her arms to her side.


She bent forward, flipping Ape, who crashed into Bruno, as Morris cleared the weight bench.  She backed away from Morris, who moved at her quickly, letting Bruno and Ape get back up.  Morris made a couple attacks, that she parried away...but that let Ape and Bruno close in on her again.


"Bet she has a tight pussy, sluts like her normally do." Morris taunted.


She growled and lept at Morris, but Bruno cut her off, his arm grabbing her around the waist.  He then spun in a circle once, and pushed her at Ape.  She managed to arrest her stagger before she got to him, and looked around at the three studs who were surrounding her.  Morris chose then to dive at her, and, in a perfect tackle, took her legs out from under her.  She fell onto her back, on the mats, as he rolled onto his knees a couple feet in front of her, as he hadn't wrapped her up.


He didn't have to, as Ape dropped down, sitting on her calves, her eyes falling on his prick.  He grinned, and stroked it.  "Ready for this, slutgirl?" he asksed, with an evil grin.


Well, normally at this point, a chick would fold, and start begging not to be hurt.  Not this Lynx chick, though.  She sat up, darted forward, and slipped the head of Ape's cock into her mouth...then bit it hard.  Ape screamed and rolled off her, clutching himself.


He was out of this fight...2 down. 


Morris and Bruno weren't out though.  Bruno grabbed her arm, while Morris grabbed both of her ankles.  She didn't look intimidated, though.  She shot her free arm back, and slammed it into Bruno's face, and, with a crack, his nose broke.  He, too, fell back. 


Well, I wasn't expecting her to pull off a win here, but, as I'd said, I had planned for it....just in case.


Morris lept back, coming to his feet, looking more mad than horny now.  She slowly rose to her own feet, watching him.  Then she came at him, but he pulled her earlier move, and flipped her pretty easily.  She hit the mats behind him.  He turned and dove, but, she rolled left and he hit the mat as well.


The two of them again rolled to thier feet, and faced each other.  I could see Morris' respect for her, and her own confidence.  Neither of them was speaking now, both sizing the other up.  Morris was bigger, but I'd say that Lynx had more skill...still nothing was decided yet.


Then she grabbed a 10 pound weight and chucked it at him.  Morris wasn't expecting that...hell  none of us were either..It hit him in the belly, and he fell backwards over a weight bench, and hit the floor hard.


Little miss heroine wandered over, and leaned over the bench, and grinned.  "Thanks for the workout, I'll be going now."


Then she popped up, and headed for the door of the gym.  I hit some buttons to let others know that the gym was a win for her.


She moved out into a hallway and turned to the left, moving quickly down it.  She didn't seem to be slowed much, if at all, from the gym, and I kep watching as she reached the end of the hall, and lept through the door, ready for a fight.


Which was good, cause 8 of the gang were there....that she could see, at least..there were really 12, but the 8 were the distraction.


Well, she charged right at them, as fast as could be. 


And, just like the plan, they let her.  As she hit the lead one, taking him down, the other seven lept on her dragging her to the ground.


Well, she was an alleycat...before I knew it, two more of my boys were down, and she was up to her hands and knees, struggling with the others. They were draped over her, and had her under control...for the moment.


With a headbutt, she dropped another...four were still on her, and tried to push further up.


"Four varlets" she said, and she laid out yet another one "I will defeat..ahhhh!"


I grinned...for my reserve had arrived, naked and had snuck up on her..and the lead one had just pressed a few inches of a bitch tamer roughly into her.


For those of you that don't know, a bitch tamer is a 12 inch long, 2 inch wide, studded vibrator.  It's pretty good for distracting, and abusing, girls with.


We could all hear it, here in the control center, as it was turned on, with a buzzing sound.


Well, she flipped out.  Her arms grabbed two of the men that were left, and slammed them together, and then mighty punches dropped the last two.  She musta thought that it was a mechanical arm that had pressed the toy into her, because, without even looking, she reached behind her with both arms to pull it out...and, they were both grabbed by my men, as more of the toy was pushed inside her.


"C'mon" I said, to Johnny and Larry, and left the room, heading downstairs.


And, when I entered the barracks, I gasped, for she was standing there, my reserve out cold!  Damn...this wasn't part of the plan.


Johnny and Larry rushed her...kinda impulsive, really, I thought.  She musta been at least winded, though, for while she sidestepped Johnny, Larry managed to slug her across the jaw, and she staggered backwards a bit. 


Larry followed up, with another fist to her jaw.  She was knocked futher back, and Johhny grabbed her left arm.  She seemed a little out of it, but, I only slowly went closer.


"Unhand me." she said to Johhny.  He chucked, and that's when she hit him in the solar plexus.  He fell like a poleaxed steer.  Then she ducked under Larry's next punch.  I stopped, watching.  As she started to come back up, from her duck, his leg took her ankles out from under her, and she fell to the floor, landing on her ass.


However, she slammed her hands over his ears, and he fell backwards, whimpering...probably with ruptered eardrums.  Nice move...and one a lotta heroine's wouldn't make.


I stood there as she stood up, then glared at me.


"We meet again." she said, with a growl.


"Indeed." I said "Name's Melvin...figured since I know yours, you may as well know mine."


"I am going to apprehend you now, you varlet."


"I don't think so." I said, more calmly than I felt.  "You're tired and banged up...I'm fresh.  So, why not simply surrender."


She stood there for a moment, thinking, breasts heaving.  Then she started to stride at me.  I took a step back, trying to decide on a strategy.  She wasn't giving me that chance, though, as she came in quick, intending to take me out, and, probably, to escape.


And she was fast, she reached me well before I thought she could, and grabbed my right arm.  Then, she tossed me over her shoulder with ease, and I crashed into a bed.  It didn't hurt much, and I started to come to my feet, hoping for an idea.  The bed itself was buying me some time, so I kept it between us, as I glanced around.  Then she tossed the bed out of the way...and that suprised me.


Then she hit me across the jaw, and I flew across the room, landing on my back.  Ow, that hurt...and little miss prissy was walking my way.  She reached me, looking down at me heroically..and I had quite a view of her, too, but that wasn't on my mind.


Then she grabbed me, and tossed me again.  I felt pain as my back hit something metal, and I was staggered against it...then the thought hit me...metal.  If..if I could time everything right, I had the little super bitch.


As she walked at me again, I pushed back, on the surface behind me, to press myself back to a mostly standing position.  I grinned at her.  "What a wimp you are." I goaded, "still can't knock out one little guy."


She growled and lept in at me, eyes blazing.  I rolled to the side, and she slammed into the object I'd been against.  Let me describe it.  It looks like a metal T if viewed from the side.  It has a small rod sticking out of the front of the | part of the T, and a longer rod that can pop up at an angle from the back of it.  Well, her belly hit the back edge of it, and she flopped forward.  Her stomach and lower torso fell across the top if it, her breasts and head were past it's edge, and her arms flopped down the front of it.


"Uhhhh" she said, for that impact probably hurt, and I moved to the side of the object.  She shook her head side to side, to shake off the impact, and grabbed the front crossbar to push herself back up.  Then she looked over at me, angrily.  I was waiting for the damn control panel to finish coming on line.


"You will pay for your attacks on me." she said.


"I doubt it." I said, and pushed a button.  Two iron cuffs popped out of the crossbar and snapped shut around her wrists.  She gasped in suprise, eyes widening.  Her expression became even more priceless as she felt a second set of iron cuffs lock shut around her ankles.


"Not so cocky now, are you?" I asked, as I programmed the panel.  Where all kinds of brute force had failed, I had succeeded...that's why I'm the boss.  As my fingers finished programming, I said "Now, my dear, are you ready to become a little fucktoy?"


She opened her eyes wide..and I grinned, then laughed...and lost her.  For just then she also grinned, the said "In Ishatar's name, return me home." 


And she vanished.  Wham, just like that.  I dunno why she hadn't done that sooner...mayber her powers need a recharge time.  In any event, next time, I gag her before I gloat.