Dancing with Scorpions

by Alexandra


Author's Note: This note will quickly describe the heroine of the story.  Her name is Lynx, and she's in her early 20s.  She has short brown hair and brown eyes.  She stands 5'8, and about 135.  Her costume is a grey spandex one piece swimsuit type outfit.  She also wears boots, and gloves.


As for her powers, and weaknesses, you'll just have to wait and see.


Now, on to the story...





It was a hot summer night, and I was finishing my patrol, before heading home to a nice cool bath.  Suprisingly there hadn't been any problems and I just had a couple blocks to sweep, then I'd be done.


As I hopped onto yet another roof, the best way to patrol, I saw a possible problem.  4 teens, gang members, were on the sidewalk below, bs'ing between harrasing people...deciding that I should send them home, I slid down into an alley across from them, then walked into the street.


As I got closer, one saw me, and they all looked up, eyes moving over my body, as men are won't to do.  I got even closer, smiled, with a hand on my hip, and said.


"Why don't you boys head home, now, it's pretty late."


One of them spoke for the 4...he wasn't a bruiser, in fact he wore glasses, and was slightly shorter than I am.  "We're not doin nothing, ma'am." he said, "except hanging out."


I was suprised at his politeness, but I replied "Be that as it may...you should still get home."


"We don't want to..and you can't make us Scorpions do anything we don't like."


I'd heard of them..the Scorpions are a gang...a pretty vicious one...who had a rep of 'dealing' with 'intrusive women'.  Rumors had linked them to the abductions, and gang rapes, of two police women, one from her own home, and the other from her patrol car.


But, I am a heroine, and there were only four, so I said "I could make you...and you might get hurt...so why not move along peacefully?"


"I don't think so." he said, and then added "In fact, why don't you move along, sweets."


That set me off, and I took a step closer, and lauched a side kick at his belly.  It was a good, solid blow, and I gasped when he easily caught my ankle, holding my leg up in the air, well off the ground.


Now, the other three moved in, thinking me helpless, which I wasn't.  Using a little move I knew, I twisted my body, pulling my leg free, and landing easily.  But, in the meantime, they'd partly surrounded me...well, a fight to end the patrol, then the bath, I decided.


I started to pivot, to keep them in view, and gauge thier style.  They seemed pretty suprised at the ease with which I shook free a moment before, and watched me warily.


Except for one..as he left my view, off to my left, for just a moment, he dove at my legs.  Hitting my calves with a perfect tackle, he drove me down onto the sidewalk.  I rolled with the fall...which wasn't wise in this case, as he moved with it as well, and I was quickly on my belly, with him sitting on my calves.


He grabbed my left wrist, and pulled it behind me, as I felt two of the others tear my boots off my feet.  I heard the one with the glasses chuckling, as I braced my right arm under me and started to push myself up again.


Then, to the suprise of the four gang members, I pushed up mightily, and sorta lept into the air.  I shook all three of them off me, and ended up on my feet on the sidewalk, as the three of them hit the ground.


Glancing to glasses, I said "Ok, last chance...vamoose now."


"Right." he said, as his pals picked themselves up "Why should we do that, you little slut?"


I hate it when thugs call me that, but it does seem to be a staple of this profession...and it adds to the fun of pounding the snot out of them.


He leaned back, against a car, as one of the others lept at me.  But, I caught his arm, flipped him over me, and into a nearby wall.  He hit hard..I mean hard...and went down in a heap.


"That could be why." I said, with a smirk.


He looked a little nervous, perhaps even suprised, at the ease with which I dealt with his pal, and said nothing.  But, as I turned to deal with the others, one dove, and hit my ankles.  I heard his own grunt, as he slammed into the sidewalk, but I was down again, too, sitting on my butt, with his arms around my lower legs.


I started to reach for him, to get him off my legs.  He obliged, sitting up, but also tugged a pair of handcuffs from the back pocket of his jeans.  I dunno how he thought he'd use them, as my hands weren't in his reach, nor would I allow myself to be cuffed...now, I simply had to deal with him.  I did so pretty easily, simply kicking him in the mouth, which knocked him onto his back.  Then I rolled up to my feet.


As I got back to my feet, I felt a blow to my lower back, as the other one of the gangers hit me, with what he thought was a hard blow.  It wasn't.  I spun away, and glanced about.  There was no sign of glasses...he'd fled, it seemed, but the other two, let's call them Blondie and Brick, cause one was a blonde, and the other looked like he was built from bricks, were off to my left and right, respectivley, and not looking thrilled.  Blondie still had his cuffs, too.


Brick rushed me...he almost grabbed and tackled me, but I avoided that.  I was forced, however, to simply retreat before him, and was, for the moment, unable to attack back.  I tried to spin away, but he nimbly stayed with me, preventing me from regaining the initiative.  So I took  a risk.  I jumped straight up.  He didn't expect that, and I placed my hands on his shoulders, vaulted over his head, and landed on the hood of a nearby car.


It got me away from Brick...but not Blondie.  As I landed, he used his arm to sweep my legs out, and I slipped, and fell, with my bottom and legs on the hood, my torso on the widshield, and my head about roof level.  I 'Ooofed' and before I could do much of anything else, Brick had grabbed an ankle.  He lost the grip pretty quick, though, as I kicked him with my other foot and he let go.


Blondie grabbed my left arm, pulling it out to the side.  Before I could do anything, he'd cuffed my wrist, and then snapped the other end shut around the pole of the parking meter the car was next to.  I leaned over and reached across, and grabbed at the front of his shirt.  I saw Brick getting back up, from where he'd fell when I'd kicked him, and I felt him again grab my ankle.


This was getting tiring...I decided that it was time to put an end to it.  While a lot of my powers are subtle, I can call upon my patron Goddess a few times a day, though the more often I do, the more draining it is, and produce, from her blessings, some pretty spectacular effects.


"In Ishtar's Name..." I felt Brick pull my ankle to the bumper of the car, and cuff it there.


"...I call for..."  They both looked at me, then began to move around the car, to my right side.


"Lightning!"  From the cloudless sky above, lightning shot down, striking the car.  It glowed red, then sorta exploded, giving off energy rather than shrapnel.  The cuffs disintegrated, and the men collapsed, bowled over by the shock wave.  Windows along the street blew in, and my boots were also destroyed, over on the sidewalk.  I, and the rest of my outfit, wasn't, though, for Ishtar's blessings never hurt me, nor anyhing I'm wearing...in fact, if my hands had been cuffed behind me, the cuffs wouldn't have been affected either.


I stood up, smiling, and looked about...where had glasses gone, I wondered.


Then I saw the door, just closing, across the way, so I headed for it.  As I got there, I kicked it in, and, as a result, knocked the guy hiding behind it out cold...but, it wasn't glasses, just some other goon, with a pipe.  Silly boy, hiding beind a door like that.


I was in an entry room, a pretty bland one, with a hallway off of it.  I could see a picture of a scorpion painted on one wall, so it was probably a little hideaway of the gang.


Moving to the door, I saw it led into a hallway.  The walls were wooden, and there was no carpet.  Moving along the hall, I found a door on the left wall, which was open and led to stairs going down, but I stayed in the hall, moving to the door at the end, which was ajar.


Reaching it, I kicked it in, then moved quickly inside.  I found myself in what was now a lounge.  The room was pretty big, and had some chairs, a coffee table, a couch, a tv and the like.


And a half dozen Scorpions.


"Get her!" they yelled, as I came in the room, and I went to meet them, to deal with them, then find glasses.


I grabbed a chair, and chucked in, and that knocked three over, and  twisted around the fourth.  Five moved carefully off to my right, but six came right at me, grabbing me around the waist.  I managed to squirm free, but it had given four time to get back into the fray, and for the rest to start and stand up.


A quick knee to the nuts took six out, and I rolled backwards...I had to deal with four and five before the rest could get reinvolved.  They spread out in different directions, though, so I kicked six hard behind the ear to make sure he'd stay down.


I then ducked backwards, avoiding four, but five pushed me hard, and I staggered back, coming to rest against the back of the couch.


Three, four and five came quickly in at me, grasping at me, as one and two stayed back, circling.  I was having a hard time fending off the three of them, with the limited room I had to move in, as the couch kept me from going backwards.


Three feinted at me, and I fell for it, letting four and five get close.  Four grabbed my left arm, while five slid to his knees, grabbing at my ankles.  I tugged away, for the moment, but three ducked in, and I was out of space, surrounded by the three, and the couch at my back.


So, it was time to call on the Goddess...a little enchantment of Sleep would stop them.


"In Ishtar's name..." I said, fending them off, barely, with my arms.


"...I call for..." I pushed myself even further back sliding up onto the back of the couch, to avoid thier grasps, and, in the process kicked five in the face, and took him out of the fray.  Three managed a good hit on me, though, and I gasped loudly.


I then hopped backwards, over the couch, putting it between me, and them, so I'd have time to finish my incantation, which had been interrupted by the gasp.  "In Ishtar's name.." I once more began.


Three and four had tugged the couch aside, and one and two were closing from left and right. 


"....I call for..."  Four came at me to quick, for him, and a right hook sent him crashing down, as I lept away from the others.


"Hmmmmppphhh!" I finished, as, from behind, a rag was slammed over my mouth and nose!  I didn't panic, but instead drove an elbow back, and was rewarded by a grunt, as the hand moved away, it's owner staggering backwards.


One of the others hit my lower legs just then, tumbling me forward, to land on my hands and knees, and now I had two to my front, and two to my back..not the best of situations, especially since I felt one of the ones behind me grab an ankle.


I was starting to turn my head, when one of the front ones reached me, and pulled my hair, hard.


"Ow!" I yelled, adding "Bastard" right before I grabbed his nuts, and twisted hard...with a scream a fell backwards, letting my hair go.


"How do you like that!" I shouted at him, as he fell, and pushed up, so I was now kneeling on the floor, with a hand still on my ankle, behind me.  Or, there was, as I threw myself hard to the left, breaking the grip, and rolling, once more sorta laying on the floor.


I rolled onto my back, then hopped up to my feet, to see that rag boy had been glasses..so now glasses and two others were still in the fight.  I grinned, cracked my knuckles, and headed for them.  The two thugs were starting to look a little worried, but glasses seemed calm.


Glasses gestured, as I got closer, and the three of them started to spread out, to be able to attack me from different angles.  I wasn't worried...only three were left, and glasses was the only one of them who wasn't quaking.


I went left, and laid one of the goons out with a series of rapid punches, and then spun back to face glasses and the remining thug, who were running for a door on the far side of the room, and I began to chase them.  They ran though the door, and closed it behind them, and, moments later I reached it, and pulled it open, then raced through.


I entered a hallway, and could see glasses and friend running away further down it.  What I didn't see were the two alcoves in the side of the hall.  As I raced into the hall, three more thugs lept from them, and tackled me hard to the ground, where I ended up on my back, them over me.


Glasses and pal turned, and raced back down the hall, towards us.  I started to fight with the tacklers. Two of them and I were struggling, while number three grabbed my left ankle, and pulled my leg wide.  I kept squirming and struggling, figuring that they had something diabolical in mind.


I felt my right leg hit someone hard, and the heard the groan and thud as one fell...probably glasses or his pal...so 4 left, I figured.  But, the two strugging with me had grabbed my arms, and were starting to pull them up, and I felt something cold and metal close around my left ankle.


I started to struggle harder, and began to press my agressors back..when I felt hands caressing the sole of my captive foot, and then a warm tongue began to lick at my toes.  With a gasp, I froze, and again my arms were pulled partly over my head.


The tongue continued to assault my sensitive toes, it's warmth gliding over them.  Again I gasped, still shocked, as my arms were fully pressed down over my head, wrists together.  I fought to ignore the feelings starting to flow from my feet higher, and with an effort, sat up, my arms still held, but now in front of me...but..I had to shake them off me quick, cause I didn't know how much longer I could match strength with them.


They began to bear down once more, as I heard glasses say "Hold her for a moment longer.  I could see him past the two I was struggling with, he was kneeling near my leg.  I felt the tongue leave my toes as well.  I kept stuggling with my two 'partners' but they were pretty evenly matched with me, and I'd been unable to find an advantage.


As we kept struggling, they focused solely, it seemed, on keeping me contained and under control...and they were doing it well.  I felt a hand on my inner thigh, of my free leg, as well.  I wanted to see what was happening, but, my two..comrades...were in the way.


Now, I didn't like this prolonged defensive struggle, but, with limited mobility, and the two of them grabbing at me, I hadn't been able to get back onto the offensive.  I knew I had to soon, or I'd be in real trouble.  So, throwing everything I had behind a major tug, I actually managed to pull one arm free of thier grips.  Now, if I could only counterattack.


Using my free hand to brace me, I tugged my other arm free, though they were still draped over me.  I was starting to feel good..maybe they were more tired than I was.  However, I also felt my free leg being pulled to the side, spreading my legs wide...while it braced me, it also even more hindered my mobility.


I had to act fast, and, joining my hands together, to make a large fist, I slammed it along the side of one of the two on me...he fell to the side, rolling into the alcove, pretty out of it.  I can hit hard, when I need to.  However, I felt cuffs close around my second ankle, which wasn't a good sign.


I saw glasses shift to between my legs, as his buddy again grabbed at my arms, the third one, who I assumed had been the one licking my  toes, I couldn't see.  I was once more locked in a wresting struggle, though, so couldn't worry much about him.  And, I was pretty evenly matched with him, and he was bigger, so he forced me back down a little. 


I could see the last of them, he was standing now, holding some strange looking black rope.  I didn't like the looks of that.  I strained more, and began to once more push up a little, as I kept struggling with my wrestling partner.


Then he suprised me, suddenly kissing me!  As his tongue pressed into my mouth, I was stunned, and he slammed me down to the floor, easily pulling my arms over my head. I was still shocked, pinned down, with a tongue exploring my mouth, then, the mouth was pulled away, and a foul smelling pad was pressed to my face...too stunned to try and not breathe, I got a good fill of the ether, and soon slumped into sleep....