by Yenoc and Scarlet


WARNING: This story contains sexual situations and violence (nc, MF). It is to be read by adults only. If this sort of material is not to your liking, then read no further.

A special thanks and appreciation goes out to my co-author on this story, Scarlet. She is a very talented and creative lady and writer. Without her inspiration and contributions, this story would not be possible. Thank you!



The Scarlet Witch received the message from Charles Xavier at Avengers Mansion. She carefully listened to what the leader of the X-Men had to say and then agreed to assist him.

It seemed that several young mutants belonging to Generation X, including Jubilation Lee, had gone missing. Jubilee's guardians had expected a visit from her for her birthday, and became concerned when she didn't show up.

Professor Xavier had used his powerful telepathic powers to trace Generation X mentor Emma Frost, the White Queen, to a popular striptease establishment, The Justice Club, but he had not been able to establish a mental link with her. Professor X said he felt another powerful mental force interfering with his mental probes.

His X-Men were away on a mission of their own, ironically trying to stop the Scarlet Witch's father Magneto from taking over some South American country, so Xavier had turned to the Avengers for help.

The rest of the Avengers were in California conferencing with the west coast part of the team, but with her Disk of Mental Serenity in her possession, the Scarlet Witch knew she was safe from mental based attacks and precipitously decided to check out the establishment on her own.


And so, Wanda Maximoff now impatiently stood outside the Justice Club dressed in a disguise and carrying a locker bag with a Scarlet Witch costume in it. The buxom, blue-eyed beauty wore a red dress and shoes, and black fishnet stockings and belt. The skirt was short and showed off the shapely legs at the bottom of her fit 5'7" frame.

The Scarlet Witch was also wearing a black choker loosely around her neck, the Broach of Displacement was unseen on the inside of the choker. The "Disk" was temporarily attached to her scalp under her long auburn hair, and fitted with micro circuitry that insured it would not be detected by any known scanning devices. Sadly, she had to leave her scepter behind because of the disguise.

Wanda unobtrusively entered the club and was at first shocked by the appearance of the place. The club was dimly lit and reeked of smoke. The main room was large, and even though it was only early afternoon, the place was half full, with around 35 customers. The establishment was bustling with activity and buzzing with raucous sound.

The Scarlet Witch had called the club earlier that day and had made an appointment to interview with the owner about a job as a waitress. She had been told that the waitresses were required to dress up as heroines, hence the Scarlet Witch costume. Wanda figured she would play herself and work at the club to find the missing girls.

There were several small, raised stages set up around the interior of the club, and each strategically positioned stage had at least one female dancing on it. The Scarlet Witch saw women dressed as superheroines in various stages of undress, and one was completely naked as she gyrated lewdly on a rectangular stage.

The buxom Avenger stopped inside the front entrance and gave herself a few minutes to adjust to the world of sexual perversion she was now in.

Wanda knew she had to quickly find Jubilee and the rest of the Generation X females, so she swallowed her pride and set forth on her undercover mission. Wanda decisively made her way to the back of the club and knocked on the door labeled Mr. Thorne.


The owner of the Justice Club was quietly sitting at his desk carefully going over the previous night's receipts.

Thorne heard a soft knock at the door and tersely called out, "Who is it?"

"It's Wanda Maximoff, I need a job. I spoke to you today over the phone. Can I come in?"

Thorne grumbled under his breath at the unwelcome interruption, but did recall speaking to the girl so he said, "Come in!"

The Scarlet Witch apprehensively opened the door at the gruff reply and walked into an office larger and better equipped than she expected in an establishment of this sort.

Thorne heard the door open and saw a pretty young girl shyly enter his office. His eyes lit up when he saw her.

Wanda walked up to his desk and shook the club owner's hand. "Hi. I need a waitress job, sir. You said you might be hiring."

Thorne quickly motioned her to the chair across from his desk. The Scarlet Witch showed a little thigh as she slowly sat down in the chair, trying to measure the tall, muscular, ruggedly handsome man with short brown hair dressed in an expensive grey Italian business suit.

"Hello. Yes, Miss Maximoff, we are hiring a waitress. Do you have any experience?" Thorne asked in a pleasant tone. He looked at her exposed thigh and grinned broadly.

"Oh, yes sir, I did it for sometime a few years back," Wanda bluffed. She crossed her shapely legs so that her short skirt rode up.

"Oh? And do you have any references I can check?" Thorne asked. "I must say you are an attractive young lady. You remind me of someone but I don't quite know who," Thorne said staring openly at her attractive legs.

Wanda blushed at the stares and worried about his comment about reminding him of someone.

Thorne looked at the girl's reddened face with his cold grey eyes. "You do know this is a strip club right?"

"I'm afraid I don't have a resume with me, sir. And yes, I know your waitresses and dancers dress up as heroines," the Scarlet Witch nervously replied. "I knew that ahead of time. I thought I could dress up as the Scarlet Witch and waitress here," Wanda quickly told the man.

"Yes, this is a theme club. We hire a lot of women to dress as heroines and villainesses. We just hired some new talent to pose as the Gen-X girls as a matter if fact. Have we ever met before?" Thorne pointedly inquired.

Thorne stared intently at Wanda for a minute and then recognition abruptly came to his face. "That's it! You look like the Scarlet Witch!" he informed her.

"Thanks! I've been told that before. Who and what are Gen-X girls?" Wanda asked nervously. She was scared and felt a lump in her throat. The Scarlet Witch looked at Thorne's cold eyes, trying to read them.

"They are a group of young teenage mutants. My clientele is unique and they like heroines, especially the young ones," Thorne patiently explained.

Thorne stared at the girl and tried to do a mind scan on her without Wanda knowing it. He was surprised when he found that he couldn't enter her mind.

"Well…I'm only 20, they may like me as a waitress," Wanda stated aggressively. The disk under her hair started to itch for some reason, but she ignored it.

"I'm sure the customers will love you. You look very much like the Scarlet Witch and you have a rather nice body from what I can tell," Thorne charmed.

Wanda blushed. "Then you'll give me a try as a waitress?" she asked, confident that Thorne had fallen for the bait.

Thorne was alarmed that he couldn't scan the girl mentally. He tried to concentrate but he wasn't able to enter her mind. The warning bells went off in his head.

"Yes I'll try you out. Maybe you can work your way up to dancing, it pays more money."

"I don't want to dance, sir. I'm shy. I'll get by on waitress wages," Wanda nervously answered, obviously appalled.

"All the ladies are shy when they first come here, but that's up to you, Miss Maximoff. Can you start tomorrow?" Thorne asked.

Thorne tried harder to scan the girl's mind but he couldn't gain entry into her head. He knew something was very wrong and suspected a trap.

"Tomorrow, or even right now is fine, sir," the Scarlet Witch said. She couldn't read the man at all. He had a real poker face.

"Why don't you show up here tomorrow at 8 p.m. and we'll give you a try." Thorne stared furtively at Wanda and wondered what she was up to.

"Okay sir…thanks…I won't let you down!" Wanda responded.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Have a nice day," Thorne said.

As the Scarlet Witch left, she noticed that Batgirl and Wonder Woman were the most popular dancers, but she did not see anyone from Generation X around.


Thorne wondered who the girl actually was. He knew she was not who she claimed to be. He suspected that she was trouble and that the whole thing was a trap, so Thorne called in his security chief.

"Jones! Follow that girl who just left and tell me where she goes. I have to get back to training the Gen-X brats."


The next night the doorman let the Scarlet Witch in the door. The pushy, overconfident Avenger, supposedly a lowly waitress, knocked on Thorne's door for instructions, skipping the rather obvious chain of command of barkeepers and bouncers.

Thorne heard the soft knock at his office door. He tried to do a mind scan but couldn't pick up anyone. He started to worry. "Come in," he said.

Wanda walked confidently through the door. "Where do you want me to start, sir?" she asked quietly.

Thorne saw the new waitress enter, dressed as the Scarlet Witch, and smiled slyly back. He now knew she was the genuine article, but he played along, saying, "Let's go out into the club and I'll show you around."

"Oh thank you sir…I'd like that," Wanda replied, smiling pleasantly.

Thorne offered Wanda his arm and led her into the club. "This is a fine establishment. We cater to many tastes here. I'm proud of all my girls."

The Scarlet Witch nodded, obviously impressed at all of the finely dressed customers…and at how real some of the heroines on stage looked…the Batgirl dancer seemed especially popular.

"I'll make you proud of me too!" Wanda enthusiastically stated.

"I'm sure you will, Wanda," Thorne replied. He smiled as he continued, beaming with pride as he nodded at the stages, "Batgirl is one of our stars. Over there on the main stage is Wonder Woman, she's my favorite. And later DynaGirl will be performing."

"Dyna Girl…who is she?" the Scarlet Witch innocently asked as she looked around for the missing mutants.

"She's a teenage heroine from the 1970s who reappeared recently, still a teen. Next week I'll be debuting my Gen-X girls. Let's get you started, shall we?" Thorne told her.

Thorne took the Scarlet Witch over to the bar where he handed her a serving tray and moneybox. "Here you go my dear, tables 3 through 7 will be yours. Let's see what you can do."

Wanda nodded and quietly started her waitressing job. She knew that she might have to keep this up for a while unless she could find the Gen-X girls before their debut.

Thorne watched intently as Wanda started to get drinks for customers. He still couldn't scan her mind and he wondered why. He watched her work and noticed the ugly broach on her cape.

The Scarlet Witch did the best job she could as a waitress, and patiently held her temper even though she tended to get pinched a lot by the club's rather rude clientele.


Several days passed with no revelations. Wanda noticed how closely Thorne watched her and was deeply worried by it.

Thorne continued watching the gorgeous Avenger for a few days. She still hadn't shown her true colors but he knew that she had been snooping around and asking awkward questions.

It was time to up the ante. "Wanda, can I see you in my office please?" Thorne abruptly said one day.

"Yes sir," the Scarlet Witch replied and nervously followed Thorne to his office. "What's up, sir?"

They entered Thorne's office and he tersely told her to sit down. "Miss Maximoff, I'm afraid I have to let you go. This isn't working out," he spoke.

"Wait sir, please, I need the job badly. I'm doing the best job that I can, please don't fire me!" Wanda pleaded desperately. She knew she needed to keep the job to find Jubilee.

"I'm sorry, my dear, but I have customers to think about. I've gotten several complaints about your service, you've dropped 3 trays full of drinks and you're a lousy waitress. I have to let you go," Thorne said without emotion.

The Scarlet Witch looked panicked. "I need this job, please I'll do better," she begged.

"I can't have you working as a waitress, you're just no good at it. I'm sorry but you are fired. Unless…" Thorne stopped, smiling slightly.

"Unless…sir?" the Wanda asked hopefully. She was very concerned that she may have blown the mission and worried about what might be happening to Jubilee.

The Scarlet Witch thought to herself…a good heroine sees things through…thick or thin…regardless, just do what it takes.

"Well, I am in need of a Scarlet Witch stripper. I'm willing to give you a chance to continue working here but it would be as a dancer. What do you say?" Thorne smirked.

Wanda dropped her eyes and blushed, thinking, I can't…that's too degrading. "Well if I have too, I suppose…not naked though," she stalled.

"My dear, we only do naked here. If you can't perform nude then there is the door," Thorne said in a cold harsh voice.

The Scarlet Witch gasped, but was worried about Jubilee. "Well, what will it be?" Thorne impatiently demanded.

"I'll dance and try make your customers happy with my performance. I will dance naked," Wanda choked.

"So be it. You can finish the night as a waitress. Then after we close tonight, you can audition for me privately, are we agreed?" the club owner smiled broadly.

"I won't do private shows...not for my boss especially, if you want me to dance…it will happen… I'll do it now…or tomorrow…but on stage just like the other girls," the Avenger spat angrily.

"All right, then you can dance after Wonder Girl! But you better be good!" Thorne called her bluff. "Still have the guts to do it, Wanda?"

"Okay…let me watch the Wonder Girl dancer…then you can announce me and your security people can escort me to the stage. I've never danced before…so I need to come up with a routine," the Scarlet Witch reluctantly agreed, almost sobbing.

"All right, let's sit at my private table and watch Wonder Girl. She's quite good," Thorne said. They went to his private table and watched the young Amazon strip.

Wanda watched Wonder Girl's routine and was actually turned on by it, and that frightened her terribly.

After Wonder Girl was done, Thorne hopped up onto the stage as two of his goons stood by the Scarlet Witch.

"Gents, we are pleased to bring you the debut of a new heroine tonight at the club. She's a bit shy, so put your hands together and welcome the Scarlet Witch!" Thorne announced to the crowd.

His goons grabbed Wanda by the arms and pushed her toward the stage. The Scarlet Witch was thrust roughly onto the stage and blushed as the clubs patrons recognized her costume and started chanting for her to take off her clothes. There was a wooden chair on one side of the stage and a metal pole extending from stage floor to ceiling on the other.

Thorne sat at his table and watched. The crowd started to cheer and roar. "Scarlet! Scarlet!! Take it off! Take

it off!!!"

The Scarlet Witch stood in the center of the stage clad in a rose-colored body stocking over which she wore a leotard, calf-high boots, long gloves which extended above her elbows, cloth tiara, and full cloak, all crimson in color.

Wanda stared as the spotlights suddenly came on with a bright flash, and the loud sound of the extended version of 'Cruel Summer' by Ace Of Base began to play.

There was jeering as the Scarlet Witch did not move at first and then cheering as she started moving to the rhythmic dance music. The audience went wild and started yelling for her to dance and move about.

"Yeah! Baby take it off! Show us what you got hot mama!! WOOOOOOO!! HHoooo!!! Shake your ass baby!! Let's see those tits!!!

The Scarlet Witch danced around on the stage and pulled her cloak over her head. She swirled it around three times above her head and tossed it carefully to the stage floor behind her, hoping to keep the teleportation opportunities the Broach of Displacement offered close at hand.

Thorne sat quietly and watched Wanda dance. He sensed how nervous she was, but let her dance anyway.

The crowd was worked up into a frenzy as she strutted on the stage "You available later babe? Yeah! Do it Avenger!" the pigs yelled at her.

The Scarlet Witch moved back and forth down the stage several times and then, still in time with the music, slowly rolled her long gloves, one at a time, down her arms and tossed them to the crowd.

Wanda continued to dance to the music, again moving up and down the stage several times in time to the music, and then turned to face away from the crowd so they could watch as she reached behind her back and slowly pulled down the zipper to her leotard as she swayed with the music.

The crowd shouted out catcalls and obscene remarks. The men were on their feet chanting, "Scarlet! Scarlet!"

The music blared over the speakers and they all watched her dance. "Come sit on my face, doll!!!! YEE-HAW!!!! DAMN! AROOOOOOOOOO!!!

The Scarlet Witch shook her body seductively to loosen her leotard and then opened the costume in the back and slowly pulled it down her body, over her firm, supple breasts. Wanda then turned to face the cheering audience, her abundant breasts hardly covered by the now loose leotard.

The Scarlet Witch wiggled seductively in time to the music, moving to and fro on the stage, and then blushed very deeply and gave out a gasp that was be heard even over the music as the leotard fell to her waist.

The audience now saw Wanda's excited nipples protruding through her thin body stocking.

Thorne watched Wanda intently. He saw her sway and wiggle to the blaring music and he felt himself getting aroused. He couldn't believe that he had the real Scarlet Witch on stage performing.

The crowd yelled and shouted vulgar statements at Wanda as she moved on stage. Thorne sensed she was also a bit aroused by it all. The men moved closer to the stage as their yelling got louder.

The Scarlet Witch danced seductively down the stage to the vertical dance bar. She leaped up and grabbed the bar. Wanda hung above the stage floor, and then she athletically swung around and around the bar three times. The leotard fell to her ankles on the second swing and kicked out to the audience on the third swing.

The patrons roared in unison as the leotard came off and they got to see more of the heroine's body. Several men sat at their tables touching themselves and a few had their cocks out and were masturbating to the beat of the music as Wanda danced.

Thorne watched it all in stone silence, but his own organ was hard in his pants. As the men yelled and chanted, one of the perverts went off and shot his cum onto the stage.

The Scarlet Witch blushed yet again as she landed back on the stage floor. As the beat of the rhythmic sound flowed through the room, Wanda gave herself to the music and let it take control, moving up and down the stage. Then she hopped off the stage and landed on the floor. The heroine glided around the room, moving her hips seductively and, sort of, ground her ass at the audience.

The Scarlet Witch suddenly stopped and ripped first one sleeve and then the other from her body stocking and threw them to the howling audience.

The worked up mob followed her with their eyes as she moved about the room. Several of the slobbering men tried to grab and pull The Scarlet Witch into their laps. As she worked the crowd, she was groped, fondled, and pinched over and over.

Thorne watched from his dark corner and sensed something inside the Avenger, a part of her, long buried, seemed to be enjoying the humiliating dance. As she walked through the crowd, more of the men started shooting off behind her.

The Scarlet Witch climbed back on stage and started dancing again, working her way to the chair. She sat down and gracefully pulled off one boot and then the other, and threw them out to the crowd. Wanda then spread her legs wide, not much was hidden by the thin body stocking.

The men encircled the stage, and the club's security had to push them back. They all stared at the heroine with wild lust.

"YES Avenger!!! Capture me and turn me over your knee!!! Let me take you away from all this, baby! What a slut!! Look, she likes dancing!!! YYAAAAAAA!!"

The shouts assaulted her ears as the Scarlet Witch bumped and ground like a tramp for the slobbering men.

Wanda closed her legs and then tore first one legging and then the other off her body stocking and threw them to the roomful of attentive customers. She moved back to the center of the stage, facing away from the crowd. Wanda then bent down low so that her head was about knee level and looked at the crowd between her legs, her auburn hair touched the bar.

The Scarlet Witch mouthed the word 'boo' and suddenly stood up, throwing her head back with a sudden jerk and flinging her cloth tiara backwards into the crowd. Wanda spun around to face the audience and looked to Thorne to see if he would let her stop the striptease.

Thorne sat at his table and said nothing. He wanted to see just how far the Avenger was willing to go to maintain the charade.

The crowd was nuts and hard to control. The security men started knocking heads together as they tried to keep order. One big ugly brute slipped past the guards and tried to grab the Scarlet Witch's foot.

In the blink of an eye, Thorne was at the stage and he grabbed the guy by the scruff of the neck. With one hand he tossed the guy across the room, where he landed on a table unconscious.

The Scarlet Witch grabbed the front of her body stocking with her hands and in one quick motion, ripped the top of her stocking down the front and her full, round breasts exploded from their confines, leaping into the open!

Wanda wiggled her bosom seductively to the music, and then slowly started to tear the body stocking open more and more, exposing her firm tummy. The Scarlet Witch continued to rip the stocking, lower and lower, until thin auburn fur was visible at the top of her legs.

Blushing in shame from head to toes, Wanda looked to Thorne again to see if he would let her stop the degrading, but strangely exciting, dance, thinking that this was a bit much of a price to pay for a few spilled drinks. Still, she had to find Jubilee though.

Thorne watched the Scarlet Witch's show and said nothing. He was not about to tell her to stop. With the hidden cameras taping the whole thing, he'd make millions off her public humiliation. He knew that Wanda was enjoying the rude display on some level and he wanted her to taste degradation.

With one quick jerk, the Scarlet witch ripped what remained of the body stocking off of her and threw it to the crowd. As the music ended, and in deep shame, Wanda went back to pick up the cloak from the stage floor to cover herself. The Scarlet Witch then ran in the back to Thorne's office.

The crowd went insane, clapping and yelling at the fleeing heroine. Thorne smiled wickedly and headed toward his office. A man without pants passed in front of him and Thorne backhanded him across the bar.

He went to his office, threw open his the door, and entered the room. Thorne saw Wanda sitting on the sofa, huddled into a ball, sobbing quietly.

"That was quite good, my dear. I didn't think you'd have the guts to go through with the entire dance, Avenger," he quipped.

"Avenger? I'm Wanda Maximoff and I hated doing that, you bastard!" she wept. "I won't do it again. Please let me waitress."

"You are Wanda Maximoff, the real Scarlet Witch. I had my guy follow you back to Avengers Mansion, so I've known who you are for a while now. And you may have been disgusted by the dance, but I know a part of you also enjoyed the lewd bump and grind routine," Thorne hissed.

The Scarlet Witch gasped at the fact that he knew she was one of the Avengers. She was also horrified by the fact that he knew how wet the dancing had made her!

Wanda knew her cover was blown and saw no use to continue the charade. "Fine! I'm here for Jubilee…give her to me and I'll leave your building intact," she said with false bravado.

Thorne went and sat on his desk, saying, "I think not, girl. Jubilee is now under my control and belongs to me. She's quite the slut actually," Thorne said as he grinned evilly.

The Scarlet Witch blushed deep red at the statement that the young mutant was a slut. "So you know who I am…that I'm an Avenger. Defy me at your peril…surrender or I'm sure I can find some crime to hang on you, kidnap…rape…even child rape…should be easy," Wanda threatened.

The Scarlet Witch, still clad in only her cloak, glared angrily at Thorne.

Thorne got an air of calm about him. He looked down at the floor and sighed. He looked back up at the Avenger and his eyes are glowed a dark red hue. "Shut up, bitch!!" he thundered.

The Scarlet Witch jumped to her feet and pointed abruptly at Thorne. "Don't trifle with me…I can't control what happens when I use my power…but it's usually not good for my opponent," she warned him.

Thorne walked up to the young heroine and grabbed the cape from her overheated body. He yanked it off in one quick tug and left her standing naked.

"You heroines are all the same. You act all smug and righteous. But when you get up on the stage and dance, the slut in you takes over and you all get wet from being exhibitionists," Thorne chortled.

Wanda screamed loudly in anger…mostly at losing her broach with the cloak…but some at the truth the evil man's sarcastic words carried.

The Scarlet Witch suddenly cast a hex and a green sphere-like probability-altering field closed in and enveloped Thorne from all sides.

As an energy disrupter field formed around him, Thorne looked gleefully at Wanda and laughed. "Oh good, it's play time!!"

"Uh-oh!" the Scarlet Witch said as nothing happened from the hex.

Thorne felt the sphere disappear around him as he calmly stood looking at the heroine.

The Scarlet Witch quickly ran at Thorne and punched him in the chin with a right fist. The club owner's head snapped back from her punch. He cracked his neck loudly as his head came forward again.

He looked the naked heroine in the eyes and concentrated. Wanda was suddenly lifted into the air by his telekinesis and she tossed roughly backward into the sofa. The Scarlet Witch gasped and cast another hex and a green sphere like probability altering field closed in and enveloped the club owner from all sides and Thorne was encased in ice.

Wanda, unbridled breasts flopping with her movement, quickly rushed Thorne as he was encased in the ice.

Thorne was surprised as he was encompassed in a block of ice. It was extremely cold. He looked through the ice and saw the Scarlet Witch coming rapidly at him.

Thorne's eyes started to glow and a beam of red energy erupted from each of his eyes. The ice cracked and split apart. Suddenly, the block of ice exploded around him and sent sharp slivers of ice throughout the room. Several slivers of ice shot toward the Scarlet Witch.

Wanda cried out loudly as several pieces of ice actually penetrated her skin. She delivered a flying kick hard to Thorne's midsection.

Thorne swiftly grabbed the Scarlet Witch by the foot and lifted her over his head with one hand. He effortlessly threw her behind him and discarded the troublesome girl like a crumpled up piece of paper.

The Scarlet Witch flew helplessly through the air, not seeing where she was headed and yelled out, "Ohhhh shhhiiiitt!"

Thorne heard the Scarlet Witch slam hard into the wall behind him and he turned to see her fall awkwardly to the floor. He quickly walked over to her and casually grabbed her by the hair. "Get up, you sow!" he angrily growled.

The Scarlet Witch was totally stunned and unable to comply. She tried feebly to regain her composure to cast another hex.

Thorne took a thin nylon cord out of his jacket pocket and wrapped it around Wanda's pretty neck. He pulled the ends of the cord behind her head as he stepped behind her. He crossed the ends of the strong cord over one another and he pulled back on the nylon, causing the cord to press relentlessly into her throat as he started to strangle the Scarlet Witch.

"Ggggaaggghhh!" she croaked and cast the hex. Thorne tightened the cord suddenly about her neck and completely cut off the young heroine's air supply.

Another probability altering field closed in and enveloped the club owner from all sides, but surprisingly nothing happened. Wanda helplessly passed out from lack of oxygen.

When Thorne saw nothing happen as a result of the hex, he effortlessly lifted the ends of the cord over his head and the Scarlet Witch's feet left the ground. He saw she was unconscious tossed her roughly onto the sofa, where she lay limply.

Thorne strode purposefully over to Wanda, flipped her onto her stomach, and quickly cuffed her hands behind her back. He crossed her hands over one another and locked the cuffs tightly in place. He then flipped her roughly onto her back and got more nylon rope from a desk drawer. He looped the rope around the helpless heroine's neck twice and then wound it about each of her bountiful breasts until they were squeezed tight and hardened into solid balls of flesh.

He crossed the rope between Wanda's lovely breasts and ran it down her flat stomach toward her crotch. Thorne ran the rope between her thighs and slipped it up into her delicate pussy lips. The rope went between her shapely legs and Thorne then pulled it firmly up her behind as he tied it efficiently off around her neck. Thorne smiled in satisfaction as he looked down at the naked heroine, her breasts now bound and a crotch rope digging deeply into her tender pussy lips.

The Scarlet Witch started to come around, suddenly aware that her breasts were throbbing. There was an annoying chaffing sensation between her nether lips and on her sensitive clitoris.

Thorne forced the helpless heroine to stand up and he roughly grabbed her crotch rope from behind. He suddenly pulled the thin rope upward and sent the nylon digging painfully into her sex. The rope scraped over her precious clit and rubbed her raw.

"Wake up!" he angrily shouted.

"Aaarrhhhgg! You bastard!" she cried stridently. The Scarlet Witch winced in pain, but tried desperately to focus for another hex.

Thorne slapped her hard across the face.

"Why can't I scan your mind, bitch?!"

Wanda's head snapped back at the impact, but she managed to cast another hex and a green sphere like probability altering field closed in and enveloped Thorne from all sides.

All non-living, non-invulnerable matter within the sphere disappeared. All of Thorne's clothing vanished and they were now both nude. The Scarlet Witch groaned in frustration. She was still helplessly bound.

Thorne, now obviously Wanda's mortal enemy, had no physical objects on his body, but he seemed to be preparing to strike her again.

The Scarlet Witch panicked and cast yet another hex, but again nothing happened. Thorne looked down astonished to see that he was suddenly naked.

He slapped Wanda across the face hard. "That's it." He went to his desk and pulled a thin, plastic strap out of it. He went back to Wanda and placed the thing quickly around her neck. The collar had a red light on it. Thorne clicked it shut and the light on the collar turned green.

"What the hell? What's going on…what is this?" the Avenger blared in anger.

"That object around you neck is a neural collar. Kiss your mutant powers adios, Scarlet Bitch!" he chuckled.

The Scarlet Witch screamed in anger and violently kicked at Thorne.

Thorne took the kick easily on his thigh and laughed. "My collar cuts off your power. It's also filled with explosives and if anyone tries to remove the collar but me, it will explode and blow your head off."

The Scarlet Witch's eyes went wide with fear, but she kicked again, hoping for a better aim. Thorne grabbed Wanda's foot and suddenly lifted her into the air, upside down. He dangled her by her foot helplessly before him.

"Let me go…you fucking creep…if you don't the Avengers will tear you limb for limb…even you are no match for Thor," Wanda raged.

Thorne effortlessly tossed the Scarlet Witch onto the sofa again. "Maybe I should just hang you here in my office! How did you resist the mind scan?" Thorne asked.

"What mind scan…I felt nothing!" Wanda fearfully told him.

"I tried to influence you several times with my mental powers and they had no affect on you. How did you resist me?" Thorne demanded angrily.

The Scarlet Witch's breasts throbbed and her pussy ached from the ropes. But she stubbornly held out, knowing that maintaining her "mental" identity was at stake.

Thorne suddenly pulled out a lighter from his pocket and ignited the flame. He waved the bright flame back and forth in front of the helpless young heroine's fear-filled eyes.

"You like playing with ice I noticed. Tell me, how do you feel about fire?" the evil club owner chuckled.

The Scarlet Witch looked at the lighter's flame in horror, but a stubborn unyielding look was evident on her face. "Get lost, you sick son of a bitch!" she cursed.

Thorne roughly forced Wanda to sit up on the sofa. He backhanded her hard across the face. He then lowered the burning lighter to the Scarlet Witch's breast and ran the flame over her left nipple.

The maniac danced the hot flame back and forth over the rubbery tip.

"Aaaaeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!" Wanda shrieked in pain. "Ohhh god…Oh Jesus…please stop hurting me!" the Scarlet Witch sobbed and the tears flowed freely down her face.

Thorne ran the flame over Wanda's right nipple next. He let the fire scorch her breast for a second and then moved back to the other nipple as he smelled roasting skin. "Ready to be good and answer me yet?" he sneered evilly.

The Scarlet Witch screamed in utter agony. Thorne continued flicking the hot flame over her nipples for several minutes, alternating between breasts, cooking the tips. The room filled with the smell of burned skin.

"Well?" he demanded.

"It's part of my powers…to be able to cast hex's requires concentration…that ability blocks out others mental interference," she lied, bluffing.

Wanda screamed again and bucked at the torture. Thorne lowered the lighter to her groin and let the fire burn her pubic hair. "Liar!" he growled with conviction. The Scarlet Witch was almost mindless from the intense pain. Thorne heard a crackling sound as the hot flame burned off her auburn hairs. "Tell the truth!"

The Scarlet Witch screamed again as she heard the crackling and smelled burned hair. She felt pain on her lower stomach.

"I...I…said…truth," she said, in pain, but still going through with the bluff. Thorne rammed his fist into the Scarlet Witch's stomach and the wind was knocked out of her with a loud "OOOOOFFFF!"

The enraged Thorne pulled out a four-inch long, one-inch thick candle and lit the wick. The man let the candle burn for a minute, then roughly spread Wanda's legs apart. He took the burning candle and slipped the base of it between her nether lips and he pushed it into her surprisingly moist pussy. The candle sank easily into the heroine's obviously aroused sex, with the burning end sticking slightly out of her pussy.

"Tell me or I'll let the candle burn down," the evil club owner warned.

The Scarlet Witch looked downward in horror. She saw the hot, tear-dropped flame between her legs creeping closer and closer to her tender womanhood. Her breasts and nipples stung with searing intensity from the burns inflicted upon them. Tears streamed down Wanda's face as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Then the Scarlet Witch was overcome by true horror, as her nether lips, for some reason quite wet, started crackling as the flame touched them. The heat started to reach the young heroine's clitoris, and even though the skin was not yet burned, she panicked.


Thorne watched intently as the candle burned progressively down, into Wanda's sex, and laughed. He pulled the candle out of the girl with a quick yank.

"Talk!" Thorne said.

The Scarlet Witch sobbed in pain, yet obviously relieved. "It's in my hair…just above my neck," she said sorrowfully, just crying and feeling totally helpless.

Thorne looked threateningly into Wanda's eyes and glared. He turned her to the side and ran his fingers roughly through her hair. He felt a disk on her skull. "Can it be taken off?" he asked triumphantly.

The Scarlet Witch sobbed and nodded. "But only I can do it and not be attacked by magic," she said quietly.

Thorne quickly untied her left arm. "Take it out now!"

The Scarlet Witch cried out in frustration but quickly complied. She pulled the disk out of her hair and, a look of total defeat on her pretty young face, threw it onto the desk.

End of Chapter 01