Scarlet Witch vs The Hairdresser Updated (9/17/99)

by Yenoc
Type: ( Male/Female Sex )
Character: ( Scarlet Witch )

The Scarlet Witch tries to go get a haircut


This story is dedicated to my IRC friend, Scarlet Witch. Without her help and inspiration these stories wouldn't be possible.


Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, was out walking along Fifth Avenue in New York City. She had taken the day off from her group, the Avengers, to do some shopping. She had her costume hidden under a long coat in case she encountered any trouble along the way.

She was strolling along, looking in the display windows of various shops when she heard a voice behind her. "My, what a fine head of hair you have."

Scarlet Witch whirled around to see an odd looking man standing behind her. "Who are you?" she demanded. Her heroine instincts had put her on alert. She backed away from the strange male.

"You have such lovely hair, Scarlet Witch," he said. "Please allow me to introduce myself. I am The Hairdresser, beauty stylist to the stars!"

Wanda looked the creepy man up and down as she tried to take his measure. The Haidresser had on a light blue polyester leisure suit and black, leather platform shoes. He wore a multi colored Hawaiian shirt that was unbuttoned halfway down his hairy chest, revealing six gold chains that hung around his neck.

The man had slicked back, greasy hair and a pencil thin mustache. He had what looked like a hand-held hair dryer strapped to his left leg in a holster. The guy struck Wanda as either a nut or eccentric.

"What do you want, Hairdresser? This is my day off and I don't want to be interrupted by the likes of you." Scarlet Witch told the man.

"I just want to chat a bit and find out who does your hair, Avenger." The Hairdresser replied.

"You only want to talk?" she asked suspiciously.

"Ah...sure, talk. You have lovely hair by the way." he stated.

"You like it?" Wanda asked him.

"It's very...quaint." he said.

"Hmmm...well it holds up my headdress quite well," she responded.

"Where did you get that thing, at a garage sale?" he quipped.

"Noo! I made it!" she said.

"Then you should keep practicing till you get it right." the man told her. Scarlet Witch looked outraged.

"Who the hell do you think you are, little man!" she hissed.

"Why, I am The Hairdresser! I was brought forward in time from the 1970s, like that pesky duo Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

"Ahh, that explains the polyester leisure suit." Wanda remarked.

"I happen to like polyester. You really should try a new hair style, Avenger," he explained.

"Hmmm...what would you have me do...wear ponytails like Dyna Girl?" she asked him.

"Please! Ponytails are so passe. I see you with a more modern Betty Paige style doo," he stated.

"Hmmm...what does that look like...I don't know her." Scarlet Witch retorted.

"It's basically a style where bangs hang over your forehead and the hair is at shoulder level and curled on the ends," he said.

"Well that would help get rid of my split ends," she commented.

"And honey, are they ever split." The Hairdresser laughed.

"Ohh no...that bad?" Wanda yipped.

"I think so. You need immediate attention. Hair emergency in my book," he answered. "As luck would have it, I have a salon near by. It's called The Shop. I could drive you there and try to fix your hair."

"Hmmmmm," she moaned. Scarlet Witch got out her pocket mirror and stared very closely at her image. The Hairdresser looked at Scarlet amused and sucked his pinky. "You're sure my hair is that bad, Hairdresser?" she questioned.

"Honey, your hair is a disaster! Do you want me to try and fix your hair?" he asked.

"Well okay... If in your professional opinion I'm at crisis mode," she replied.

"I think I can help you," he told her.

The Hairdresser offered Wanda his arm as an escort. Scarlet Witch took the strange man's arm. He only smiled as he led the heroine to his car. She had fallen for his trap.

These heroines are all the same, he thought to himself. Appeal to their sense of vanity and they take the bait of my offer to make them beautiful.

They drove to the outskirts of the city and pulled up in front of a red brick building that served as his place of business. "Welcome to The Shop my dear," he said as they entered the place.

The Hairdresser took off her coat and led Scarlet Witch over to a well-lit area where there was a barber's chair in front of a large ivory table that was surrounded by mirrors. The mirrors had lights bulbs framing them. There were a number of hair dryers lining the one wall by the front door and there were sinks and chairs at the rear of the building.

Scarlet Witch looked around and thought The Shop looked relatively normal for a hair salon. She had no idea of how wrong she was.

The Hairdresser pulled the plastic cape off the chair at his station and told Wanda to sit down. "Please have a seat, Ms. Witch." Scarlet Witch looked at the strangely dressed man, and complied.

He put the cape around Wanda's front and shoulders. He tucked it under her chin and fastened the strip of velcro at the back of her neck. He pulled off her tiara and put it on the divan.

Scarlet Witch tried to relax and let The Hairdresser do his job. "You're able do stay in business with only one customer in your shop at a time?" she inquired.

"Yes, I have a very exclusive clientele and they pay a lot for my services," he said. The Hairdresser ran his fingers through Wanda's hair and fanned it out along her shoulders and back.

"Ohhh well, I hope this doesn't cost the Avengers too much," she stated.

"Oh my, a gray hair, can't have that." PLUCK! He pulled the gray hair off her head.

"Gray hair!? No way, I'm only 20," she chirped.

"We all get gray, deary. In your line of work it's guaranteed," he said. She nodded in agreement.

"Well there are so many trying situations we have to deal with out there," she added.

"I bet you have so many interesting stories to tell. All my hero clients do. Sniffle," he informed her.

The Hairdresser took out a wire brush and started to comb her silky tresses.

"Well, some of them are really hair raising tales, like the day Ultron nearly took over the world, or the day Arkon almost forced me to marry him. But there are fun times too," she included.

Scarlet Witch thought of a special night with Captain America, when Hawkeye had taken her brother Quicksilver out for a few beers.

"I remember seeing the news coverage on CNN. I have some stories I could tell you. Why one time Superman came in here for a trim and I looked at him and said 'You got any kryptonite scissors?' My, we laughed for hours, girl!" he droned.

Scarlet Witch smiled "I always wondered who cut his hair." The Hairdresser pulled the brush a bit roughly through her hair. "It's not easy to give him a trim, let me tell you," he finished.

Scarlet Witch nodded and tried to pass the time remembering how she had snuck into Cap's room that night, thinking he was sleeping, but he wasn't, and how she had given her virginity to her hero.

"Will this take long, sir?" she asked.

He accidentally raked the brush and pulled out a few hairs. "Oh I'm so sorry, Scarlet."

"Oh that's okay...didn't hurt much and my hair's really thick."

The Hairdresser pulled her hair back and pinned it on top of her head. "Let's go and wash it now." He led Wanda over to one of the sinks and motioned for her to sit down.

Scarlet Witch got to her feet and allowed The Hairdresser to lead her to the sink. He sat Scarlet in the chair and reclined it back to the sink. He pulled her hair into the sink and rinsed it, then he got out the shampoo and lathered her hair as he scrubbed.

The warm water felt very soothing to Wanda as she relaxed. The Hairdresser washed her hair, lathered, rinsed, and repeated. He pulled the chair back up and dried her hair with a towel. "All done, let's go back to the mirrors."

Scarlet Witch nodded and moved with the stylist. Everything seemed quite normal, like a hundred other hair appointments. Other than the man's strange dress that was.

The Hairdresser sat Scarlet down and took out his scissors. He spent the next 20 minutes, clipping, combing, and styling her hair. He picked up some styling mousse and pulled her hair out in spikes all over her head.

"This maybe?" he asked. Scarlet Witch shook her head. "You're right, too 80s," he said.

"That's not me at hair could be purple with that look and all." The Hairdresser worked his fingers through her hair and massaged her scalp.

"This stimulates the folicles so stronger hair will grow." He watched as her chest rose and fell as she breathed.

Scarlet Witch tries to relax and enjoy the scalp massage. He rubbed her scalp firmly and he poured a bit of moisturizer in his hand and rubbed it into her scalp.

"Now relax, close your eyes and nap if you want," he spoke soothingly.

"Okay, but I don't want to be here all night. I need to find Magnus!" she said. Wanda sighed and relaxed.

"Oh I'm sure he's around somewhere," Hairdresser replied. "You just relax."

Scarlet Witch nodded, maybe a touch sleepy after all. The Hairdresser rubbed her scalp and watched her drift off into a light sleep.

He pushed a button on the wall and two gray mechanical arms exited a compartment in the ceiling. The arms reached down and started rubbing Wanda's scalp. The villain stepped away from Scarlet and quietly picked up her scepter. He took the scepter and hid it in a wall safe.

Scarlet Witch sighed and slowly started to nod off. The mechanical arms retracted into the ceiling and the villain resumed rubbing her scalp. The gold chains around his neck rattled as he worked. He put more mousse in her hair and shaped her hair into a mohawk style in the middle of her head, the sides were flat on her scalp. "All done," he said.

Scarlet Witch awoke and sat up. "All done?" she asked.

"Yes, let's get you under the dryer," he instructed.

Wanda looked into the mirror. The Hairdresser pulled the chair out for her to rise.

"No! That won't do at all, that's not that 'Betty Paige' look you told me about! Fix it!" she pouted.

"That's just the prep portion. You have to sit under the dryer to finish. Now come over hear and sit," he told her.

"Ohh...okay." She followed the man to the chair with the dryer on top.

The Hairdresser led Scarlet to the dryer and watched her sit. He took a can of hairspray and started spraying it in her hair. He seemed to use a generous amount of the stuff. Then he took the dryer and placed it on her head. He turned it on and left her there for 15 minutes.

Scarlet Witch was irritated at the time she was left in the dryer. She wanted to look for Magnus.

The Hairdresser turned off the dryer and pulled it off her head. "All done, let's take a look," he said.

Wanda nodded and allowed herself to be lead to the mirror. The Hairdresser sat Scarlet down and stepped away from her.

When she looked in the mirror she saw that her tresses were now in the shape of a beehive hairdo that rose three feet off her head. Her hair was also hard like a helmet from all the hairspray he used.

Scarlet Witch gasped and yelled loudly. "A-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!" he cackled. "WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING... THIS ISN'T A HAIRDO... ITS A NIGHTMARE!

"You'll get no pay for, you'll be sued!" she shrieked.

"That look is yours for the next month," he howled in laughter. "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! You heroes are so dumb!!!"

"Us 'heroes'. Who in the hell are you, mister!?" she blared at him. Wanda was quite agitated.

"Listen closely, deary. I'm a bad guy!! And you fell for my trap!!" he answered.

Scarlet Witch reached for her scepter, then stopped stunned.

"Where is my scepter?" Wanda moved away from the man. "Wha...t trap?"

The Hairdresser hit a button on the wall beside him and restraints popped out of the barber chair and snapped onto her wrists and ankles.

"This trap!" he smirked. Scarlet Witch gasped and started struggling against the restraints. "You won't get away with this. I'm one of the Mighty Avengers!" she said.

The Hairdresser pushed another button and the chair started to spin around in circles. It went faster and faster as it spun Wanda around wildly, the room became a blur. "That scares me now," He mocked her threat.

Scarlet Witch started to cast a hex but was disorientated and unable to visualize a target. "STOP...release me at once!" she ordered. "LET ME GO!" she demanded.

Hairdresser let the chair spin for 5 minutes. Then it rose into the air as a metal pole rose from the floor under the chair. It soared upward and slammed Scarlet Witch into the ceiling. The chair lowered and then slammed her into the ceiling once more as it lowered back to the floor.

Scarlet Witch was no stronger than a normal human, and nowhere near close to invulnerable. She lost consciousness from the pounding.

The Hairdresser went over to the chair and released the restraints, she tumbled onto the floor.

Wanda lay on the floor, motionless. He shook her to see if she reacted. "Hey, wake up!" He pulled her by the arms over between some chairs.

Scarlet Witch stirred slightly. "Oohhhh," she groaned.

The Hairdresser took out a tube of hair gel and squirted gobs of the goop on Scarlet's wrists as he pulled her arms up over head and stretched them out by the chair legs. Scarlet Witch moaned, still mostly out cold. Her eyelids fluttered and she just mumbled. The Hairdresser pulled her hands against the legs of the chair and squirted the goop on the legs as well. After a minute, the gel hardened into clumps of brick and trapped her hands to the chair legs as the gel acted like bonds.

"Whhaat's happening?" Wanda moaned as she tried to lift her head.

"I'm just making you more comfy, my dear," He said.

Scarlet Witch made out an indistinct figure, and instinctively kicked out at it. She struggled pulling on her arms and realizing she was bound.

The Hairdresser slapped her foot aside. He grabbed her legs and pulled them against the other chairs at her lower body. He squirted the gel on her ankles and bound them to the chair legs as well. Scarlet Witch let out a weak scream as she struggled to pull her limbs free. She tried to focus on the person who was responsible for what was happening.

The Hairdresser grabbed a small rubber squeeze bottle. The bottle was filled with perm solution. He squeezed the bottle and a fine mist sprayed her in the face, stinging her eyes and nose.

Scarlet Witch was suddenly in deep distress, the spray made it impossible to see and extremely difficult to breath. She retched and coughed as the solution stung her like mace.

The Hairdresser took out his hand held dryer and turned it to the first setting. It blew cool air into her face and nullified the solution.

"Welcome to The Salon, Scarlet Witch," he said. Scarlet Witch felt her vision clear. The agent in her lungs was no longer a factor.

"Why do this...who are you?" she asked.Wanda felt her mind clear and she started to regain her composure.

The Hairdresser took out a straight razor and held it near her leg. "I am The Hairdresser. And I want to use your lovely body for my entertainment."

Scarlet Witch looked at the figure in horror. The Hairdresser used the razor to slice off her body stocking, he cut longs slits down the stocking and ripped the garment off her legs.

Wanda cast a hex and a green sphere-like probability-altering field closed in and enveloped him from all sides. A strong wind threw him into the far wall.

"No stop! I won't let you do this." She tried to focus again.

The Hairdresser crashed into the wall and hit the floor. He left a dent in the wall. He slowly got up and crawled over to Scarlet Witch. She tried to lift her head as he backhanded her across the face.

"Aaaeeyyy!" Scarlet Witch's eyes filled with tears. While she was dazed, he took out a disposable razor and did the most sadistic thing he could.

He shaved Wanda's legs without using shaving cream.

"Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!" he laughed insanely. "Feel the razor burns!!!!"

Scarlet Witch thought sandpaper was being rubbed down her legs. "STOPP, leave me alone! STOP...please don't cut me!" she cried.

The Hairdresser opened up his make-up kit and took out a small bottle. He straddled Wanda's chest and put his bent legs at the sides of her body.

Scarlet Witch looked up in alarm, to dazed to do anything "No...leave me alone!" she croaked.

The Hairdresser put his hands on her breasts and squeezed her twin globes roughly. He rolled her melons around in opposite directions on her chest.

"NO!!! Stop molesting me...the Avengers will arrest you! Magnus will KILL you!" she bluffed.

"I'm not afraid of the Avengers or your boyfriend," he said coldly. "You belong to me for this night!!"

"No!! Please stop!" she pleaded.

The villain lowered his head and kissed Scarlet Witch harshly on the mouth. He licked her nose and pinched her nipples. He opened the small bottle in his hand and grinned at her. "So helpless and exposed," he observed.

Scarlet Witch pulled against her bonds but nothing seemed to give. The Hairdresser reached down and grabbed her hand. He took the bottle and pulled the lid off. As she struggled, he went to work on her hands. When he was finished, she saw that he had painted her fingernails lime green!

"Why do you humiliate me?" she sobbed.

"Because I can! You look good in green. Ha ha ha!!" he chuckled. Anger started filling her eyes.

The Hairdresser then took out a tube of red lipstick and traced wide red circles around her mouth.

Scarlet Witch cast a hex and a green sphere-like probability-altering field closed in and enveloped the man from all sides.

A mysterious force threw him away from her. Scarlet Witch struggled and tried to free her limbs. The Hairdresser flew backward and smashed into the wall. He dropped to the floor, hurt. He had cuts on his face and blood ran from his nose.

"AGH!! You bitch! Now you pay!!!"

He flipped a switch on the wall by him and a small trap door opened at the bottom of the wall. Growling sounds could be heard from inside the darkened compartment.

The fear was evident in her eyes as she heard the sound. The Hairdresser shouted. "Get her, Wiglets!!"

Five small round things exited the hole in the wall. They scampered about on the floor quickly. The creatures were round and furry looking, they had no face that one could see but they had tails and wide mouths filled with razor sharp canine teeth. The seemed to resemble a cross between hairballs and rabid poodles.

The Wiglets screeched in anger and scuttled toward Scarlet Witch en masse.

Scarlet Witch looked on in horror. She had no obvious target to concentrate on. The nature of the strange furry beasts was not evident to her.

The Wiglets swarmed over Scarlet Witch and attacked her as one pack. They scuttled over her amrms, legs and torso. They emitted a high shrieking howl and dug their small claws into the heroine as they attacked. The Wiglets started biting her skin and tore her costume to ribbons. Scarlet Witch gave out a large eeping sound as she felt pain at many places on her body, and the rush of cold air elsewhere.

The Hairdresser watched as the Wiglets attacked her. The things left small cuts and bruises on her as they attacked. They ripped apart her costume and left it in rags. Hairdresser whistled and the Wiglets scampered back into the hole, the door sealed behind them. He walked over to Scarlet Witch.

"I hope you like my pets," he stated.

Scarlet Witch shivered. She was still in horror as to what had taken place. She was barely able to understand The Hairdresser's words as she cried. The tears streamed down her face. The Hairdresser stripped off his polyester suit and sat on the floor next to Wanda, naked.

"Save your tears for someone who cares. Are you ready to behave now?" he asked.

Scarlet Witch struggled to regain her composure as she hoped for one last chance to cast a hex that might reverse the peril she was in.

"Fuck you, bastard," she mumbled weakly.

The Hairdresser elbowed Scarlet Witch in the stomach and pulled her head up by the hair. "Don't even think it!" He screamed.

The air was expelled from her lungs. The Hairdresser got up and straddled her stomach. He took a moment to admire her now naked breasts. He grinned at her and then he viciously slapped each breast, just to watch them jiggle. "Very amusing," he said.

"Owwww! Oh God..STOP!" she cried.

The villain slapped her breasts again. "Shut up, you bitch!!" He had an insane look on his face and his eyes looked crazy.

Tears flowed in torrents down her face. She looked pleadingly at the naked man sitting atop her. "Please?"

"Please what??!! Tell me, how do you feel about clamps??? Heh-heh!!" he snorted.

"Clamps? please stop...let me go. M-my father will ransom me!" she baited.

"Fuck your father! I have more money than I can spend now!!" he shouted in fury.

Scarlet Witch's blood rushed from her face and she went pale in fear.

The Hairdresser leaned down and pulled her head up by the hair. He leaned in and licked the side of her neck with his sandpaper-like tongue. "Mmmm," he panted.

"Noo, please! Please...stop!" she begged. The Hairdresser licked the other side of her neck and then smashed his lips to hers as he forced her to kiss him. "Mmmmmm...nnoummfff," she mumbled.

The Hairdresser kissed Wanda roughly and sucked on her struggling tongue. He then pulled away from her face. Scarlet Witch looked at the evil villain her, eyes puffy and pleading.

He looked at her with cold dead eyes. He felt no remorse or mercy for the heroine. He grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed her cleavage harshly. The man pulled on her nipples and twisted them until they grew hard.

"You are so pretty. Wouldn't it be a shame if you got disfigured."

"NOOOO!!" Wanda yelled.

Hairdresser slapped her breasts and drove his fist into her stomach. "Shut up!"

Scarlet Witch groaned in pain, "Ooh..oh..ummphhh!"

The Hairdresser pulled her nipples again and then produced two black bobby pins in his hand. He rolled her left nipple around and pried the bobby pin open as he placed it over the nipple. The man looked at the heroine and grinned. Scarlet Witch's eyes opened wide at the sudden squeezing of her nipples.

The Hairdresser placed the cold metal pin around her nipple until the sides of it touch her nipple. He let go of the pin and it snapped shut around her nipple as it attached to the tip with a hard snap.

"Aaaaeeeeeiiighgh!!' she shrilled. Scarlet Witch's body jerked as she tried to sit up.

The Hairdresser took the other pin and snapped it shut around her right nipple. He laughed at her torment and twisted the pins on her nipples in circles.

"Eeeeeeiiiiiiigh!" Wanda screeched inhumanly. "Ohh god..oh god..oh shit!" she bellowed.

The Hairdresser lowered his head and he licked her red and bruised nipples. His tongue swirled around the aching tips and he slurped noisily on her breasts. His cock was erect and rubbing against her stomach. Scarlet Witch cried quietly.

Her foe lapped at both nipples until Wanda's breasts were covered with his saliva. Then he wiggled up her body and placed his throbbing cock between her bouncing breasts.

"I do so like a good tit-fuck," he chortled. Scarlet Witch looked up at the man. She was mostly dazed and crying. But the horror was evident in her eyes.

The Hairdresser grabbed her ample breasts and squeezed them around his cock tube. He groaned as he felt her silky flesh envelop his manhood. He grinned at her and started to thrust his cock into the valley between her breasts. Scarlet Witch tried to take deep breaths to remain conscious.

The Hairdresser fucked his cock back and forth between her globes. He watched the breasts shake and sway as he degraded Scarlet Witch for his carnal lust. She was nothing but an object to him, to use as a tool to relieve his sexual cravings.

Scarlet Witch sobbed quietly. She was exhausted and felt so unheroic. The Hairdresser pinched her clamped nipple to remind Wanda who was in charge. His ass slid along her belly as he savagely lunged his cock to and fro between her breasts.

He whispered to her. "See, when it comes down to it, you're nothing but another slut to be used by men."

Scarlet Witch blushed deep purple and sobbed. The Hairdresser stopped moving and just sat on her. His testicles dripped sweat on the undersides of her breasts and his cock head appeared above her squashed boobs.

He yanked her head up by the hair. "Suck my cock, slut!"

"NO!" she said in defiance.

"You better start sucking if you want to continue breathing!!" he warned.

Scarlet Witch looked up at her tormentor and realized that his threat is not an idle one. She took his manhood in her mouth and started sucking hard. The Hairdresser picked up the straight razor and held it to her throat. He shoved his cock deep into her mouth.

"You bite me and I'll slit your throat."

Scarlet Witch's eyes open wide and she carefully nodded. The villain slid his cock into her mouth and watched as her cheeks hollowed as she sucked his organ. He played with her nipples with his free hand. He grinned as she gagged from her mouthful. Wanda flushed in embarrassment, but concentrated on the member in her mouth and sucked hard.

The Hairdresser drove his cock into her mouth and forced the head to pop into her throat. He reached behind him and slipped a finger into her sex.

"You seem to be a bit moist, Scarlet."

Scarlet Witch moaned wantonly as her body betrayed her. She gagged as the head pushed into her throat The Hairdresser pushed into her sucking mouth and he ran a finger over her slit. He looked into her scared eyes and tear stained face.

"Ungggg! You are a good little cock sucker, Avenger!" he complimented her.

Tears flowed down her cheeks, but she concentrated at the task at hand. The maniac thrust his cock into Scarlet Witch's throat and heard her gag. He pulled back so she could breath and then pushed deeper into her throat. His index finger found her clit and he pulled the button out of its sheath of skin and twirled her clit between his fingers.

Scarlet Witch gasped as she started to respond, get moist, get excited, in spite of the torment her mouth and throat were experiencing. The Hairdresser fucked Wanda's mouth until she brought him to the point of climax. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and traced his precum over her lips.

He moved down her body and lay on top of her. "I'm going to fuck you now, Avenger!"

"Ohhh!..Oh god..NOOO!!!" Scarlet Witch choked on her words.

"Oh yes! You belong to me!!" he said. Scarlet Witch blushed deep purple.

The Hairdresser slipped between her splayed thighs and rubbed his spongy cock tip against her wet venus. Scarlet Witch gasped.

He pried Wanda open with the cock head and he forced the end of his manhood into the heroine. He looked into her wide eyes. Scarlet Witch's eyes got very wide as her womanhood was suddenly, forcefully, filled. The Hairdresser placed his hand on her left thigh to hold her down. He pushed his organ into her tight slit and with a brutal lunge, he slammed his cock deep into her pussy.

"Take it! AARGHH!" he crooned.

"Aaaaiihh! UNHGHHHHH!!!" she sobbed as she was raped. Scarlet Witch shuddered and then came with a tremendous orgasm.

The villain forced her pussy open and rammed his throbbing cock into her channel. He felt her orgasm and knew it was against her will. He stabbed into her pussy with long, fast strokes.

"UUNNggghhh, no..gghhhhs. Nnnaa!" Scarlet Witch shivered.

"Yes! Cum Scarlet Witch! Show me how weak you truly are! UNgggh!!" he dared her.

Her captor pistoned his cock in and out of the heroine as he rode her as hard as he could. He felt her walls clamp down on him and draw him in deeper. Scarlet Witch climaxed deeply again. She was unable to help herself, to fight against the overwhelming physical feelings.

The evil hairstylist sucked Scarlet's clamped nipples with his mouth as he rutted into her battered tunnel over and over. He ignored her pain and was deaf to her cries. He only cared about sating his own dark urges.

"Give in to your animal instincts Scarlet and fuck like you were meant to," he urged.

Scarlet Witch thrust herself upon The Hairdresser's manhood. Her nipples ached in pain as her pussy ached with desire! He filled Wanda with his manhood as he felt her try to milk his cock. He bit at her nipples with his teeth and kept his gaze upon her tormented face. He increased the speed of his strokes and plunged into her sex as they moved together.

"Oohh...ohhh..ohhh..ohhh..uuroohhhhUAAAUUUOOHH!" Scarlet Witch came hard.

The Hairdresser pounded his cock ruthlessly into her pussy as he ravaged the heroine. He bounced on top of her body as he forced her to respond to the assault. He felt his balls churning and clenching.

"AHHH! I'm about to cum, Avenger! I'm going to cum in your sweet heroine pussy!!!" he vowed.

Scarlet Witch tried to catch her breath but couldn't. She orgasmed again. "Ohh gawd..gawd, YES!" she gasped in joy.

The man slammed into her pussy hard and fast. He growled and tensed up. His cock made squishing sounds as it drilled her channel. He groaned and then his cock exploded inside her.

"YESS! Take my seed!!!" he shouted as he came.

Scarlet Witch screamed in pain, in pleasure, in...just screams! Wanda cried as the villain's seed entered her womb. She hoped desperately that she would not be impregnated. He fired his hot cream into her savaged pussy. He had humiliated her and that made the assault sweeter. He pumped his sperm deep into her and felt her grind her hips on his cock.

"AAA!!!! Hope you're on the pill!!" he cackled. Scarlet Witch moaned in pleasure, in pain, and in humiliation.

The Hairdresser drained the last drops of his seed into her tortured sex and flexed his cock inside her. He pulled out of Scarlet and fell on top of her spent.

"Now I'm a part of you, Avenger," he moaned.

Scarlet Witch cried softly and mumbled.

"Fucking villain...Magnus will kill you!" she screamed in rage.

The man untied Scarlet Witch and got off of her. "Your boyfriend can go to hell!!! No matter what happens, you will have to live with the fact that I raped you and made you CUM! And you have my seed inside you now."

His words made Scarlet Witch want to vomit. Even as he spoke, his vile sperm was swimming around inside of her.

"And you will have to live as a hunted animal!" she said with venom in her voice.

"I already am! You may very well be with my child right now!" he leered.

Scarlet Witch rubbed her sex. The Hairdresser forced her to stand. He took a piece of rope and tied her hands behind her back. Wanda flicked some of his semen back at him. He slapped her across the face.


Scarlet Witch stared back at the villain in defiance. "Magnus will find me...soon!" The Hairdresser drove his fist into her stomach and smacked the sides of her head.

"Learn your place, slut!!" he yelled.

Wands gasped in pain and doubled over. The villain grabbed her by neck and forced the heroine back to her feet. He put a blindfold over her eyes and grabbed her hair as he pulled her along.

"Come on! I've had enough of you!" he spat.

Wanda was dragged behind the villain. The Hairdresser kicked open the door and dragged the heroine outside to his car. He threw her into the back seat and got in the driver's side. Scarlet Witch struggled weakly.

The Hairdresser drove back into the city and pulled into a dark smelly alley. He opened the back door and dragged the naked heroine out of the car and tossed her on the ground. Scarlet Witch ommphed as the air was knocked out of her lungs.

The Hairdresser looked down at Wanda in disgust as he pulled the blindfold off her. He kissed her mouth roughly and went back to the car. "I made a lovely video of our encounter by the way," he grinned.

"Bastard!! I'll find you! I will hunt you down!!" she screamed.

The Hairdresser got into his car and called out to her. "See you around, Witchy." He drove off and left Scarlet Witch sobbing and lying in the alley.

Scarlet Witch struggled to her feet and walked up to the back entrance of a tavern. She conjured up a new costume to wear and she limped inside to seek help.



(NOTE: Scarlet Witch later caught up with The Hairdresser at a superhero bar. She got revenge by casting a hex that turned him into a stone statue. But as all villains do, Hairdresser eventually found his way out of his fate and would return to plague Scarlet Witch again.)

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