Maiden America takes a fall



The following story is rather brutal and graphic as it portrays a Super heroines rather brutal abuse. If you feel this is not for you read no further.


The sun shone down on a tranquil forest in late July as a doe carefully picked it's way through the forest. Pausing the Doe looked up ears forward before bounding away. The low rumble of a sonic boom marked the passage of a red, white and blue streak moving through the sky. Maiden America landed in the clearing looking about wondering why her friend would pick such an out of the way location to meet. Looking about curious Maiden settled to wait.


It was a short wait; Maiden turned her head at the movement behind her as a familiar figure emerged. "Hey! Long time no see", Maiden America brightened noticeably as the familiar figure walked into view. Taking long leggy strides, Maiden America walks over to give her long time friend a hug hello. "So what's with the hush cloak and dagger stuff? This is a little out of the way isn't it?"


Maiden America gasps in surprise as the friendly embrace is returned with a near backbreaking bear hug. "W...what *gasp* are you doing? UHN! Y...You're *pant* h.hurting me!?!" Maiden America is released and shoved sprawling back onto the grass with a shocked look of surprise. Maiden America stands on shaky legs watching the approach of her long time friend with some dread at the moment. Maiden starts to shove her foe back on to find her wrist held in a grip of steel. Turning and pivoting Maiden found herself catapulted into a sturdy oak. "You patriotic fool, you can call me Madame X for the Heroine you know is no more."


Maiden America blinked fighting off the unconsciousness as she struggled to stand. A loud creaking bought Maiden's eyes up as a sudden shadow of the oak started tottering down on her. Still a little groggy, Maiden America rolled quickly to her left to avoid the falling tree. Finally managing to get to her feet Maiden took a moment and noticed that Madame X as she called herself looked more sinister than usual, an unusually cruel smirk twisted on her lips. Absently Maiden wondered if she was being mind controlled. Hopping lightly to stand on the now fallen tree, "Give it up Madame X. You got a few lucky blows in by surprise but I'm ready for you now. You can't possibly win." Madame X chuckled evilly, "Oh, contraire. I know everything there is to know about you. You strengths and your... weaknesses..."


A twisted predatory smile from Madame X turned Maiden America's heart cold with trepidation though there was no outward signs of dread. With a wicked smile Madame X closed the distance to Maiden America with slow measured strides. "You heroines are so full of it." Mimicking Maiden's voice and tone, "You can't possibly win." Eyes squinting in dismissive regards, "As if you were protected by a sense of manifest destiny". Maiden scowled eyeing the distance closing taking the moment to rest and shrug of the worst of the damage she's taken.


"Are you sure you're a Super heroine? Madame X asks with a faint smile. Maiden's brow furrows puzzled at the question momentarily distracted. With lightning quick inhuman reflexes Madame X's hands dart out to grab Maiden by the waist swinging her overhead and swinging her feet first into the ground. Before maiden could react she finds herself hip deep driven into the ground. "HEY! Maiden America exclaimed with a startled cry, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Two sharps blows landed on Maiden's shoulder driving her deeper into the ground and numbing her shoulders. "UHNH! Maiden rubbed her shoulders to ease the pain. "Talk when spoken to and not before. Madam X snarled at the struggling heroine. Planting a boot on her shoulder, Madame X leaned forward forcing Maiden to arch her back painfully. Leaning over Madame X swings a wicked backhand across Maiden's cheek. "OW! hauling back her left hand Maiden lands a satisfying left cross to Madame X's jaw. "You're crazy! Maiden America felt a twinge of guilt after landing the blow as she watched Madame X stagger back momentarily stunned.


Planting her hands on the soft grass Maiden wiggled and twisting in an attempt to start working her body free of the ground. Madame X holds her chin, rubbing it gently taken aback by the blow for a moment. "Silly twat, if you're such a good and wholesome Heroine the way you claim to be, how do you explain Maiden Chaos!?!". A Hard right sinks into Maiden's gut, nearly to the wrist, doubling the heroine over as her feet start to pull out of the hole. "ouuuhhhhgggaawwd", was all Maiden could gasp out. Backing away hugging her abdomen Maiden America looks up to keep an eye on Madam X. *CRACK* a sound like thunder erupts as Maiden America catches a brutal uppercut that clouts her neatly on the chin. Maiden felt her body straighten from the blow as her feet left the grass to fly in a shallow arc. Plowing up dirt as she left a furrow in the wake of her landing, Maiden's body was sprawled and her head lolled about dazed. "OOooohhhhHHH", Maiden groaned shaking off the wariness she felt with great effort. Maiden thanked goodness, as she struggled to stand, that she was in the forest and the dirt was relatively soft and forgiving.


Madame X hauls the battered heroine to her feet admiring her dirt-covered face. Tired of being a punching bag, Maiden wipes some dirt off her face leaving a gray smudge in its wake before lunging gamely at Madame X. Madame X ensnares Maiden's wrist pulling her arms apart with faster than human reflexes. Swinging her head sharply forward Maiden feels her left breast explode in pain as Madame X plants her forehead into it in a swift head butt. "You only *THINK* you're stronger Maiden bimbo."


"Unnngghh!" Maiden America groans as she takes an involuntary step back as her body ceases to resist, paralyzed by pain. "G... gawd... You're a villainess now???" Not completely recovered from her earlier punishment Maiden can barely stand let alone fight as she suffers this most recent blow to her body. Madame X starts to force Maiden's arms behind her to prove who's the stronger persona. Maiden America feels her arms pulled around behind her as Madame X starts to apply a bear hug applying unbearable pressure on her arms. "Save your breath hon." Maiden America twists and turns trying to escape the hold and thrashes her legs as she feels them leave the grass, "AAhhhuunnn". Madame X clenches her teeth as she tightens her hold and continues to squeeze Maiden in her quest to inflict pain. Maiden realizes with a surprised start that they're both starting to take flight. "AAAHHRRRHHHH... a....ahn... arms... oh... *gasp*... please." Maiden winces as she weakens, helpless in Madame X's grip with neither strength nor leverage. With a vicious growl Madame X manipulates Maiden pumping her hold on Maiden and enjoying the look of absolute agony expressed in her face as Maiden arches her back in agony. "NNOooooooOOO!" Maiden shrieks in pain as she feels her right shoulder dislocate sending a jolt of pain through her.


All the fight drains away from Maiden America as she feels her arm dislocate painfully, leaving her hovering on consciousness as the ground races away at an alarming pace from the combatants. "ooohhhh... please..." Maiden can only moan a weak appeal to Madame X as she continues to apply the deadly bear hug. "PLEASE WHAT?!? snapped Madame X clearly enjoying the domination of the once spunky Super heroine. Maiden feels her ample bosom flatten against her Lycra top as she's pulled into Madame X's embrace. "WHO IS YOUR SUPERIOUR!?! WHO!?!" Maiden flinches held in the killer grip, gasps, "" "THAT'S RIGHT!", Triumphantly Madame X raises the helpless heroine over her head, pausing in admire the barely conscious heroine dangling in her grip, right arm hanging limply and dislocated. The once proud costume dirty and smudge, battle worn and torn in several places. Held high in the villainous grip Maiden feels some warmth from the Afternoon sun before she feels her wretched body flung with great force earthward. Madame X gleefully follows the heroine's reentry home.


Madame X finds Maiden laid out face down in a smoking crater evidently unconscious. Aiming her boots for Maiden's unguarded back Madame X lands with brutal force. The over matched heroine wakes to an audible 'CRACK' with an agonized start coughing blood as she feels a rib snap. Agony rips through her side as each pain wracked cough sends spasms of pain through out her body. Madame X winces in mock pain as she eyes the beaten Super heroine, "That's got to hurt". Grabbing a hand full of tangled hair Madame X Hauls Maiden to up to look her over. Dirt smudged, semi-conscious, bruised, bleeding, and now wheezing for breath, Maiden America obviously can not continue to resist, let alone fight.


"WAKE UP BITCH! reaching down and grabbing a hand full of dirt to smear over Maiden's face evokes a fitful cough as the Maiden's slack mouth takes in some dirt and breathes in some dirty. "*kof* *kaf* *kof*", Maiden barely stir as her entire body is a mass of overloaded pained nerve endings. Feeling an unbearable agony in her side. Pawing at her injured side in an attempt to ease her pain draws Madame X's attention. With callous disregard Madame X pitches Maiden back into the crater where she lands with a thud and a gasp kicking up a little dirt, darkness starts to overtake Maiden. Looking down at the super heroine sprawled before her, Madame X sneers, "Well Lookie here. Not so tough now, little Maiden hot shit." Leaning over Madame X tears the front of Maidens costume apart. Maiden's once fair skin is now a mass of black and blue bruises and assorted cuts. A rib protrudes out of her left side in a rather messy wound.


Maiden stirs dazed and disoriented as Madame X settles over her grabbing handfuls of her mammaries in a painful grip that makes her gasp. Twisting and manipulating in a counter clockwise motion pulling and stretching, as if removing a jar lid, the currently un-superheroine's mammary. Maiden can only manages a little gurgle of protest, too weak to scream. "WOOOOEEE-EEYYY!" Madame X howled watching Maiden's expression as she inflicted pain on her bruise and over abused chest. "Aw, are we going to cry?" Watching tears of pain leave little streaks in the dirt-smudged face Madame X squeezes the breast with ruthless cruelty, "Answer ME?!?" "ARRGGHG! Maiden squirmed helplessly blinking back tears. Pawing her side weakly Maiden America couldn't remember EVER hurting this badly and almost wished for death to end her torment.


Looking down at the Patriotic Super heroine, Madame X notes how easily it would be to snuff her life out. Instead she draws out a cell phone and reports a "Hit and Run victim". Dropping Maiden off on the shoulder of the road Madame X streaks off to do more mischief elsewhere.



Picked up and rushed to emergency services, Maiden America was operated on for several hours before being admitted to ICU. After three days of bed rest her condition was deemed stable enough to moved out of ICU. Her current where about are a secret to protect her from those that would seek to harm her while in such a weakened state.

Note: This story is meant to be a bit of a who dunnit. For the SHIPers out there that read it I encourage you to send in your best guess of who you think Madame X is. If you guess correctly I'll let you pick the next Heroine/Villainess I draw.