Dr. Droid give Maiden America the treatment

Chapter 2 - Shocking Revelations

By Dr. Droid and KT

The stately mansion is quiet now. Moments earlier the muffled sounds of a violent struggle and breaking fixtures could be heard through out the estate. Inside the mansion Melania stood over Maiden America. The Blue eyed red head regarded the patriotic heroines still form. As the unconsscious heroine emits a soft pained groan and begins to stir Melania moves into action. Slowly recovering from her recent defeat to Melania, Maiden America could only offer token resistence.

Maiden America felt her cape ripped from her shoulders, sending the star brooch clattering onto the floor. Her arms were pulled back and the blue cape was quickly wrapped around her wrists and forearms, trapping the dazed heroine's arms behind her. The Melania grabbed a fistful of Maiden America's red tresses. Pulling the heroine along by her hair, the woman dragged Maiden down the hallway, Melania's blue boots, fluttering patriotic cape, and long, tanned legs are the only things Maiden America could make out as she was dragged along in her weakened, dizzy state.

Down the flight of steps the heroine was dragged by her hair. Upon reaching the landing, she turned around and threw Maiden down another flight of stairs. The heroine tumbled down the stairs for what seemed forever until she came to a stop. Before she could react, her evil twin was upon her, grabbing the heroine and lifting Maiden America to her feet by her tortured mane of hair and the back of her belt. Maiden America swayed unsteady from her rather disorienting journey down the stairs.

Maiden America now found herself confronted with some unbelievable lab. It was like some futuristic mad scientist's lair, and in fact it was. Five feet on either side of her were two huge, eight foot tall robots, much like what she had defeated upstairs only much bigger and more impressive. Four tables sat in a row across the room, two empty and two with half finished robots on them. Over each table was an large array of equipment, some of which Maiden could only guess at. Against the left wall were three upright tables, one of which held an older woman, apparently in her mid-sixties, her head hung down on her chest, trapped against the angled table with metal manacles that kept her spread eagles. Between her legs was some odd contraption that protruded from the table. A cable lead from the machine to an odd pair of metallic panties the naked woman wore. To the right of the room were two doors, both closed.

"Weeeehoooo!", a voice shouted, "Look at that!!"

Maiden America's eyes focused on someone in a back corner of the room, surrounded by a bank of computers and equipment. The figure rose, circled the battalion of equipment, and walked across the room towards Maiden. It was a man, about as tall as the heroine, wearing slacks and a t-shirt, with a white lab coat over it. Old battered sneakers squeaked on the concrete floor. His hair was dark brown, and his eyes seemed to swallow the heroine in one leering hungry gulp. With his hands in his lab coat pockets, he stopped about five feet from her.

"Hoooly! You're hotter than I thought! The squirrel got one hell of a good look at your ass, but them there tits look even better up close!"

Maiden America frowned with disapproval at the rather vulgar way she was being refered to. Taking in most of the lab, her eyes lingered on the aged woman with some disapproval for her cuurent state. The man looks harmless enough and her evil twin seemed content to stay behind her at the stairwell which is a fine place for her to be as far as Maiden was concerned. With a sharp twist of her torso Maiden pulled away from Melania. Flexing her muscles tugged her cape apart tearing it slightly. Stepping foward and reattaching her cape, Maiden looked the man over properly, her brow wrinkles somewhat confused at the turn of events.

"Who are you?" Eyeing the pair of robots a bit wary she feels much of the wariness of her recent beating starting to fade presented with this new situation and a few moments rest. Squaring her shoulder, jutting her chest out a little, and shruging off her recent beating, Maiden America looked rather imposing.

"If you release your prisoners and come quietly I can assure you that I'll speak on your behalf when I bring you in. I'd rather not hurt anyone in apprehending you."

The man grinned like a maniac, a leering grin that only grew as the magnificent chest before him swelled with pride. "Oh baby! Lookit them!", he crowed. He leaned over to look at the redhead behind Maiden America, then looked back at the heroine's breasts.

"Wow, I can't decide which are better!", he winked at the patriotic heroine. "You I'd say, I haven't sucked on them babies yet, but I've chewed on Tania's until I think she started to give milk!", he laughed, his hands in his coat pockets moving to his belly as he guffawed without restraint.

"Oh, who am I?",he turned in a circle and looked at the futuristic lab and again faced Maiden America. "You don't know? Oh my, you are a virgin heroine!", he leered, looking down at the striped stretch of material that covered the heroine's virtue, "at least I hope!"

He nodded past Maiden to the twin behind her, as the two robots turned towards the heroine between the four. "Time to take a peek! Here's your choices:

A) You can fight with Tania there and rock my balls because I really love a catfight, especially two reds; or

B) You can play with my two robots, they're specially designed to please even the most frigid of heroines," he said with a deviant snicker, "or you can just drop to your knees and blow me."

He leered again at the heroine, "I'd hate to have to strip you and put you on one of my tables, babe."

Maiden America's feeling of unease increases to a feeling of dread, with each option being more unappealing than the previous, she feels her andrenaline starts to kick in as her anxity increases. Turning sharply Maiden brings her right forearm across the chest of Tania, her suspicions confirmed she feels a twinge apologetic as she lands the blow, breaking the grip on her hair and costume. Tania gasped as the air was driven from her lungs. Maiden America's returned strength apparently surprised the mindless amazon as the patriot slipped out of her grip. Tania fell back onto the first few steps of the staircase but quickly leaped up to her feet.

"That's only three, I would have thought a brillent villain like you to be able to count higher. Suppose I'll have to try option four..."

Breaking Tania's hold on her she hops swiftly up into the air to try and get past the little man to the prisoner behind him, pausing long enough only to kick the closest robot into the other robot. The huge robot recoiled as the spunky heroine's blue boot dented the side of its head. It staggered back a step even as its heavy arms raised up to grab at the heroine. The tips of its fingers turned into sharp hooks which dug into the ends of Maiden's swooshing cape. With a snap, the silver clasp around her neck popped. She flew away from the robot minus her cape as the robot quickly shredded the blue cape apparently in some odd fit of frustration. Looking about as she flew for ways to escape Maiden makes her way over to the entraped woman.

Landing to the left, Maiden America swiftly mades short work of the manacles imprisoning the woman on the table. Grasping the cable, Maiden America squeezes and with a deft twist of her wrist snaps the cable. Glancing over her shoulder to observe the progress of her pursuit, she could see the man and Melania standing back as the two large robots, whose heads almost touched the standard height ceiling clanged towards Maiden America.

The robots parted, apparently trying to encircle the heroine. In the palm of the robot circling her, a tiny aperture opened, and a small rounded barrel moved out of it, aimed in her direction. The other robot stayed between Maiden and the stairs, its hooked fingers still holding tatters of her cape. The old woman easily slid into Maiden's arms as the heroine cradled the woman, whispering words of comfort. As the woman lolled into her arms, Maiden could feel some odd piece of metal in the base of the woman's neck. The woman's graying hair hid it from the heroine's vision, but she knew it was there, and seemed to go far below the skin.

Maiden again took to the air intent on escape, "I do not intend to play your little game, nor do I intend on leaving anyone behind to your tender mercies." The man grinned like a loon as he reached a hand over to Melania's breast and caressed it. He continued to watch Maiden from near the stairs, the only point of egress from the basement lab. As Maiden floated up and started working out her evasion pattern in her head, the two robots worked to encircle her.

The old woman in her arms opened her eyes. They were an iron gray, glazed and distant, just like Tania's blue eyes. Maiden glanced down to see them just as the old woman put one hand on Maiden's curvaceous, firm ass. Her other hand slid up as if to grab Maiden's shoulder for support, but instead moved quickly to the side of Maiden America's head. Maiden America saw the tiny metal plate in the old woman's palm for only a brief moment beofore it touched her cheek.



Maiden's vision exploded as thousands of volts poured into her face, shot down her body, and exited her backside. The current was incredible as she was nearly blinded by the brightness of the surge that arced through her. The room filled with crackling blue light as the old woman sent a hundred thousand volts and hundreds of amps through her would be rescuer.

Maiden America's body convulses as the electricity continues to discharge through her.


The discharge of electricity would have been lethal for anyone else leaves Maiden America senseless. Knees giving out on her Maiden America starts to fall foward as her eyes flutter close. Her arms lose any semblance of strength, go limp as she starts to keel over. Sprawling on the floor in an unconscious heap the only movement around her is the smouldering smoke rising from her rather singed costume. A black patch of black on her costume marks the point where the current exited Maiden's body. Her costume leotard duller shades of Red and white with occasional holes and burn marks. As the two crumpled into a pile, the robots moved in. As tiny arcs of electricity continued to dance over Maiden America's smoking, voluptuous form, the first robot grabbed her by the wrists and lifted her up, out of the debris left by the old woman's burning android body. The last darts and zags of electricity zipped off of Maiden's limp body, through the robot, and into the floor.

As the robot wrapped a metal cable around Maiden's gloved wrists, the other robot came up behind her. Melania walked over to the helpless heroine as the man rushed over to a desk on the far wall and rummaged around in a drawer. His hands stuff things into his pockets, which bulged as he closed the drawer and jogged over to the heroine as the robot behind her began sliding cables around her body. Although the heroine couldn't see it, he was wearing thin metal gauntlets as he rushed back.

"Let's see, to strip her naked or not to strip her naked, that is the question!" he said, hamming up the stage as he raised a finger into the air to finish his line. He looked over the dangling heroine, her costume burnt and smoking in places.

"I like her better like that, all that electricity gives her some character." He picked up a torn, and still smouldering, piece of her striped costume. "This babe is hot!", he exclaimed, then broke down and cackled at his terrible pun.

As the two robots held the slowly reviving heroine, he pulled a rubber ball from his pocket. Stuffing it into Maiden America's mouth, and quickly buckling it around her head, forcing her lips to stretch around it. The next thing around her was a metal collar that snapped loudly into place around her neck. A tiny red light winked on, once the latch was secured.

Maiden America's entire body was sore and ached from the electrical jolt. Her skin flushed a little red and perhaps light burns are the only physical evidence remaining of her rather unfortunate rescue attempt. Emitting a muffled groan into the ball gag, Maiden stirred as her eyes flutter open reluctently. Her vision blurs to an unsteady focus. Her entire body a mass of sensitive nerve ending are a legacy of her electrical jolt. Her light stirring rub the cables against her sensitive skin made Maiden America uncomfortable. Taking a few ragged breathes Maiden looked about trying to gauge how long she's been out and more importantly what's been happening in that time.

"Hey, she's awake! Hey babe, lookie here!", the man said to Maiden America as her Green eyes blinked back to the world of the conscious. She felt she had not been out overly long, but too long since she was now gagged and bound securely by the superstrong cables.

The man before her reached his gauntleted hands up to her heaving breasts. "Feel that thing around your neck, babe? It's a neural trebler," he said with a leering grin as his fingertips ran over her breasts. Instantly the tingling exploded from the soft glands into her head. "Yeah, that's right, babe, it triples any sensations your body feels, pain, pleasure, whatever." His hands encircled her breasts as he started to kneed them like playdoh. "I figure once my robots get done with you, you'll be a gasping fuckdoll. Man, me and Tania are going to have some fun with you tonight!", he cackled as he abruptly pulled down the red and white top, exposing Maiden's proud chest. "Hooweeee!!" Maiden America's cheeks flush red at this dispicable lewd display. Unable to comment while gagged she can only manage a mufled, "mmmpppphhh!"

He stepped back from Maiden America, next to Tania. "Okay, let her spit it out!", he ordered the robot. From behind Maiden's head, she heard a quick snap and the tension on the ballgag ended as the strap was cut. "Me and Tania got to get going, we got someone to meet. I figure Tania here can fool them into thinking she's you, and it'll give me a leg up. You can stay here and play with my toys, okay babe? By the time they get done, you will be the second best redheaded fuckdoll I own!"

Maiden is red with rage and near speechless as she's finally allowed to speak, "You... You... You PERVERT!!!" Struggling as she feels her temper and andrenaline start to kick in. She starts to feel marginally better and stronger but is only somewhat stronger than a normal person. "I'll put you behind bars where you belong." The cables dig painfully into her though Maiden is beyond caring at the moment.

After baiting the heroine, Dr Droid headed for the stairs, followed by the ersatz Maiden America. The real heroine hung in the cables as the robot behind her turned her to face it. She could hear the other one walking up behind her as the one before her lowered a hand. Metal fingers wrapped around the patriotic suit that hugged her body and abruptly pulled, tearing most of it off her voluptuous body. Parts of it hung around her hips and other places where it was caught in the cables that bound her.

Infuriated by the treatment she's received and her poor showing against the villain Maiden America struggles all the harder. If she can just manage to be left alone for a few more moments she's certain she can snap these thrice damn cables restraining her. Gritting her teeth and exerting an increasing amount of pressure on the cable Maiden struggles on, restrained for the moment.

End Chapter Two

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