Dr. Droid give Maiden America the treatment

Prelude - School Daze

By Dr. Droid and KT

The quiet clicking of heels on a stone path echoed through the warm spring night as two co-eds walked down the shadowy lit path of the campus grounds.  The taller of the two girls notes a light on in the science building, at a familiar classroom, with a faint smile.  "The professor must be working late on something", thought Jean amused, "Perhaps a late night visit to alleviate her curiosity would be a pleasant diversion after so many hours of studying physics with Jenny would be nice” With an easy wave Jean wished her friend a good night as she moved along the path towards the science building.


Despite the late hour the tall red head of generous proportions walked fearlessly despite the late hour and deserted grounds.  Catching a shadowy movement, out of place, near the labs window brings a faint furrow to her brow.  The silhouette of the shadow seemed to be carrying something... or... someone.  "Perhaps a more direct approach than the stairs.” Jean thought as she hopped lightly and failed to comeback down.  Moving along at an unhurried pace to peer into the lab window.  Looking between the drapes jean sees a large figure, obscured by a long coat, hat, and the blinking shadows of an erratic over hanging light carry the professor over his shoulder.  A thin trail of blood seeps from the professor's temple.


Seeing the elderly mentor in such dire circumstances stirs Jean's blood.  Emitting a low growl of irritation, Jean swings the window open and steps onto the windowsill.  Putting her clenched fist on her hips Jean makes her presence known, "You're a little old for a Frat boy aren't you?”  Jean feels her temper raise a bit as the figure raises a fist over the professor's computer and crushes it.  "HEY! that's school property!", hoping off the window sill Jean is bought to a stop as the figure slowly turns.  Red eyes glow from behind a mask, evidence that though human in form, the figure is likely not human at all.


Hesitating only a moment Jean leaps forward to tackle the intruder, only to watch the intruder lobs the professor like a quarterback seeking to avoid a sack.  Looking over her shoulder Jean notes with some distress that the Professor is headed towards the open window.  Shoving the metal man aside Jean whirls leaping to catch the professor before he goes out the window.  Hovering outside a moment to check on the professor's condition Jean is unaware of the metal hand raised at her back.  With a little burst of compressed air a small barb with a thin wire attachment shoots forth, penetrating her shirt though unable not her skin.  Lowering the professor Jean starts to reach back to investigate what has hit her when thousands of volts jolt the small of her back.  Arching her back and convulsing helplessly for a moment Jean let's out a cry of pained anguish, "YYAARRRGGGHHHH!!"  A second barb is aimed and fired as Jean manages to jerk he body forward to totter to the ground.  The first barb pulls free of her smoking back as the second sails over her falling form.  "Geez!” shaking her head, Jean roll behind a bulky lab table more than a little shaken from the potentially lethal jolt.


The figure turns and walks with slow deliberate steps towards Jean's position.  Taking a moment to catch her breath jean feels better as her heart starts to race.  Standing with the intent to grapple with the intruder Jean is surprised as a metallic fist comes across crashing against her cheek, sending her spinning to her right.  Taking only a moment to regain her footing Jean swings a blow into the chest, easily as hard as the metal man.  The metal man stumbles back with a metallic *CLANG* as Jean’s fist connects.  As the droid starts to regain its balance Jean swings a right cross that caves in the faceplate of the metal droid.


Satisfied that the fight is over, Jean steps away and starts to shake her fist free of the metallic skull.  With a gasp of surprise Jean find the wrist grabbed in a painful grip as she tries to remove it.  Planting her feet prepares to use more force mumbling, "I hope this isn't one of the professor's toys... It's about to...” The sentiment is left unfinished as six metal cables eject for from the belly of the droid coiling around Jean's chest and waist squeezing with a vise like grip.  Jean gasps breathless for the moment but unconcerned as she shakes her right arm free finally and prepares to snap the cables at the source.  "The professor has too much free time if this is one of his droids", grabbing a cable jean starts to twist and turn it with incredible strength.  A tentacle darts down the top of her white blouse tearing the front as buttons pop free giving way to the applied force.  "HEY!” exclaimed Jean, irritated at the damage done to her attire as she struggled to keep the tentacle at bay with her left hand, while her right sought to do some damage at the source.  The tentacle coils and twists around her ample cleavage.  Twisting and squirming as the multi limbed menace slithers another cable under her blue denim jeans.  With a certain amount of joy Jean manages to snap and fling into the corner one of the many tentacles vexing her.  Jean manages a grip on an internal cross beam hefting its weight easily as she lifts it over her head.  Her hips wiggle with some urgency as she feels an intruder poke about seeking to slip under her panties.  "HEY!” with great irritation Jean flings the droid against the wall, in an attempt to distract it from its probing.  The droid crashes through the wall pulling jean along with its many cabled grips.


The pair tumbled out and takes the two-story drop with out breaking stride.  Landing on top, Jean starts to methodically snap cables off with brutal efficiency, starting with the one squirming about in her jeans.  As Jean goes about the business of freeing herself a metallic hand closes over her face, emitting a gas through a tiny opening with a little hissing sound.  Taking several breathes of the odorless, colorless gas Jean holds her breath suspicious hearing the hissing sound.  Flinging the tentacle that invaded her denim off to the side Jean emits a startled yelp as the cables coiled and twisted about her chest start to glow and crackle with electricity.  Though her white bra provides little protection Jean is unhurt.  Jean begins to breathe labored breaths as she's distracted thinking out loud, "Darn, too many cables and the gas...” Jean fights off a momentary wave of dizziness and weakness with an effort.  Feeling a sense of urgency to finish the fight decisively, Jean throws her arms around the droid in a massive bear hug in an attempt to snap it in half.  Metal bends and twist with a slow groan as the pressure starts to cave in the torso of the robot.  The unfeeling robot manipulates one of its tentacles to drive with swift decisiveness at Jean's groin.  Jean chokes off a surprised cry, "AAHNNN!” as she's caught off guard.  Shoving the damaged droid away from her one handed, Jean massages her pained loins with her free hand. 


Snapping the cable wrapped about her torso and chest, allows Jean to back away and catch a much needed moment to rest and think.  Watching the robot warily Jean evaluates the damage done.  The robot slowly rises again, Head caved in, wrist crumpled, fist sized hole in the chest, and broken cables shooting sparks.  "Pretty serious toy", Jean marveled at the ability to function after the damage she's dealt it.  "Doesn't look like the professor's, so I wonder what it wanted with him."  Hopping lightly away Jean looks the droid over warily as its chest starts to open revealing another compartment.  White gas billows forth from a small tube opening.  Closing her eyes and giving ground, Jean retreated from the sinister looking gas.  Stepping clear of the Gas, Jean takes a deep breath of clean air and holds it before wading in to deal with the robotic menace.  Lost in the billowing pale gas the droid manages to come in behind Jean.  The droid leaps onto Jean's back wrapping its mangled arms and remaining tentacles around her chest and neck as its legs apply a crushing grip around Jean's trim waist.  "YARG!” Jean feels the breath she was holding expel forth in a pained gurgle, feeling a the end of a mangled arm swing into her temple.  Jean feels instant regret as she chokes and gags on the potent gas.  She feels an unsettling weakness come over her as she drops to her hands and knees momentarily stunned by the blow that she should have been able to shake off.


Rolling and writhing in an attempt to dislodge her attacker Jean holds her breath.  The dizzying, strength sapping gas however has done its damage as she feels her formidable might slipping away like spilled water.  Some hoe Jean manages to turn to face her attacker only to have more gas billow into her face as she takes a stomach crunching blow to her belly.  "UMMMPPFFF!” Jean involuntarily takes in more of the dizzying gas and exhales a weak moan of protest, "oo...oohhh..."  Shaking her head weakly jean is amazed at the amount of gas such a small bot can carry in its arsenal.  Arching her hips and bucking weakly to no avail the Robot begins to land telling blows at Jean's vulnerable breast.  Jean tries to exert her powers of flight finding that they've deserted her.  The effort leaves her spent and dizzy.  Her grip slackens and starts to go limp as she starts to succumb to the effects of the gas.


Sirens can be heard in the distance as Jean feels her consciousness fade in and out.  Steel cables eject and twist around one of her wrist from the chest cavity.  Jean tries not to take in any more of the dizzying gas and remains limp as if unconscious, gathering her strength.  She feels herself rolled over and feels her wrist bound together.  Jean is unconcerned; if she can clear her head from the effects of the gas she should be able to snap them like threads.  The gas having stopped and a heavy residue all that remains of the gas now.  Jean feels her hips being raised by the twisted hands of the bot.  Sneaking a few breaths, noting that the gas it much more forgiving, and bides her time gathering her strength.  A crumpled grabs and tugs her jeans, ripping them by the back seam and the red belt, to reveal a star spangled bikini brief below.


Jean frowns at the loss of her designer jean and notes, "someone is going to pay for that."  Feeling markedly improved Jean flexes her arms twisting her wrist and feels the cables start to twist and give.  As the cables snap Jean hears a whirling sound and feels her briefs snapped away with some alarm.   "NO!” turning Jean shoves at the droid desperately with an outspread hand.  Twisting a little to look behind her Jean notes that the whirling is caused by a long extracting tool, covered in some kind of oil rotating with menace.  The droid reaches out and grabs her Auburn tresses pulling roughly back, undoing her ponytail and causing Jean to gasp taking in some more of the residue gas in a harsh gulp.  "Uuhhnn...” Jean feels her recently gathered strength start to slip as the gas starts to take effect again.  The wails of the sirens get louder and are more pronounced.  Maiden feels her body turned over onto her back and restrained as she struggles weakly now trying to wiggle free to no avail.  "uhnn.... t..too.. weak.” Jean can only manage token resistance as she feels the effects of the all too effective gas.


The probe splits her lips open and starts to vibrate a few inches into her.  "Ooouuhhhh....", Jean starts to writhe unsure herself if it's from pain or pleasure, the sensation so intense.  Little drops of the chemical Halcyon drip in, flooding jean with a tidal wave of erotic pleasure.  Gasping a sheen of sweat starts to become evident as jean gives in to the multiple orgasms that wrack her body.  She feels her loins practically gush with sex a the final orgasm passes leaving her spent and weak as what little strength she has less is expended.  The probe disconnects and remains imbedded in Jean's loins as two cables lash over her hips, holding it in place as her hands are rebound behind her back.  Looking about weakly jean can offer no resistance in her spent condition, squirming slightly as the probe continues it's distracting vibrations.  A thin cable is twisted around her legs pinning her legs together allowing the probe to vibrate to greater effect.  "Uhhnoooohhh", Jean can only manage a little groan and a weak kick as her legs are bond.  Exerting her strength Jean finds she's much too weak as she is to snap the cables binding her leg.  A sharp pull of the cable lifts the spunky girl up by her legs.  The end of the cable tied to an overhanging tree branch, tied high enough so that only the tips of Jean's hair can brush lightly in the grass.  A quiet hum emitting from her loins being drowned out as the sirens wail closer.  Jean twists uncomfortably from her position powerless at the moment.


Just as Jean thinks things cannot get any worse she hears the whirring sound of another mechanical device.  Eyeing the droid upside down she sees a second probe from the droid's bowels emerge towards her face.  Twisting and turning with more strength than she thought she had Jean tries to the approaching probe.  Mangled metal twists in her hair to still her struggling.  Jean's struggles subside as she winces; she feels a gag shoved past her ruby lips gagging her effectively.  The probe moves in and out of her mouth each time spurting chemicals into her throat.  Jean feels her focus slip as the chemical take effect.  As the probe is pulled from her slack jaw now, foam is ejected expanding to keep Jean silent.  The droid releases jean and nudges her setting her body to swaying in the warm night air.  Jean groans in frustration as the chemical mix starts to excite her.


The boots of the droid light up, as jets start to propel it skyward, as police cars turn the corner.  The police officers gape open mouthed as they watch the droid departs into the night sky.  Their attention is drawn to the auburn co-ed who suffers another muffled climax bought about by a humming in her loins.  Jean's cheeks flush a little red though from embarrassment or from being hung upside down is unknown.  Eyes implore the officers to let her down from her plight.  The officers stare with stunned amazement at the orgasming redhead before complying.  They release the rather weak and confused coed, easing her down as the damaged droid disappears over the horizon.