Maiden America vs Tyler Roper

July 1999


<Tylerroper> Okay, how's this? What city do you operate in? Give me a wee physical description, and let's give it a shot.
<Maiden_America> um.
<Maiden_America> New York City but can be anywhere
<Tylerroper> Okay, Maiden America. You've been invited to a ceremony honoring your good deeds in nearby Blossom City.
* Maiden_America nods
* Maiden_America arrives in masked costume and lands at the ceremony
<Tylerroper> Your roomie at Mega U. is going because she's kind of a groupie, that and she can see the new exhibit at the museum.
<Tylerroper> Okay, well, you've seen this kind of thing before. The mayor makes a speech, Girl Scouts applaud, that sort of thing.
* Maiden_America will come prepared to make a speech
<Tylerroper> The ceremony isn't all too long, and fairly nice. They get a band to play and all.
* Maiden_America roomie is Jennifer castle a bit of a book worm
<Tylerroper> Well, have at it - you've got a free mike.
<Tylerroper> Jennifer Castle is lapping it all up.
* Maiden_America settles
<Maiden_America> Good evening citizens of BlossomCcity
<Maiden_America> thank you for coming here to day
<Maiden_America> I find it to be a great honor to be
<Maiden_America> yadda yadda yadda yadda
<Tylerroper> After the speech, the mayor gives you the obligatory key to the city, and the news media takes pictures, and the Girl Scouts try to get close and get autographs...
* Maiden_America gives a speech
* Maiden_America is only too happy to obliges
<Tylerroper> When SUDDENLY (how else?)
<Tylerroper> Y'know those carriages that take tourists around? Guess who was trying to see better in one, and guess which one some scruffy looking fellow appears to have hijacked and is driving away?
* Maiden_America looks about
* Maiden_America is in the air and on the job
<Tylerroper> It's your roomie, natch.
* Maiden_America is quick to follow the hijackers
<Tylerroper> The carriage is going pell mell about three blocks from the ceremony (lucky you finished your speech), and appears to be driven by a fellow all in black, with a tricorner hat and breeches and a cloak and a domino mask.
* Maiden_America wonders what the person is trying to do.
* Maiden_America catches up to the carriage and starts to stop it.
<Maiden_America> whoa....
* Maiden_America trying to slow the horse
<Tylerroper> Looks like he's trying to drive the carriage away at top speed.
<Tylerroper> Well, the driver draws his blunderbuss and says "Back off, girlie! So says the Highwayman!"
* Maiden_America lifts the horses up a little to encourage them to stop
<Maiden_America> You're kidding me.
<Tylerroper> You dimly recall the name - one of the minor villains of Blossom City
<Maiden_America> you're not going to hurt me with that
<Tylerroper> The horsies are normal - we're not talking Baskervilles. They stop.
* Maiden_America turns to eye the highwayman
<Maiden_America> okay
<Maiden_America> want to surrender or get hurt?
<Tylerroper> <HWYMAN:>"Oh, no?" He shoots you - and rubber musket balls bounce off your bosom
* Maiden_America laughs
<Maiden_America> right
<Maiden_America> next tricks?
* Maiden_America flies forward to nab the highwayman
<Tylerroper> Well, he leaps from the carriage and tries to make a break for it
<Tylerroper> Uh, he tries to blow snuff in your face to make you sneeze... really.
<Tylerroper> Hey, it worked on Mary Marvel once...
<Maiden_America> (heh okay we'll give you this one.)
* Maiden_America sneezes
<Maiden_America> he..he achoo... hey?
* Maiden_America nabs you as she starts to sneeze
<Tylerroper> Hah, with you blinded, he can get an additional twenty feet away from you!
* Maiden_America waves Jen down
<Maiden_America> stay put
<Maiden_America> I can handle him.
* Maiden_America wipes her eyes and face to clear the powder off
* Maiden_America and flies after you
<Tylerroper> <HWYMAN:>"Blast! Don't you have something better to do?"
* Maiden_America wry grins
<Maiden_America> certainly
<Maiden_America> and I'll do it after you're behind bars
* Maiden_America starts to close and you're seconds away from recapture
* Maiden_America holding breathe now
<Tylerroper> Uh, he ... whips his cloak at you. Yeah.
<Tylerroper> It COULD blind you, y'know...
* Maiden_America ducks and weaves the cloak slows me for a few seconds as I dislodge it from my face
<Maiden_America> is that the best you can do?
* Maiden_America reaching to nab your shoulder
<Tylerroper> <HWYMAN:>Blaaast!
* Maiden_America nabs your arms to keep you from doing anything
<Maiden_America> off to jail with you.
* Maiden_America moves you a bit for easier handling as she gets ready to bring you to the attending security/police
<Tylerroper> The Highwayman curses generic curses as a cop rides up on a horse. He was chasing after the carriage too.
<Maiden_America> Here you are officer
* Maiden_America an easy smile as she restrain him.
<Tylerroper> "Thanks for nabbing him, Maiden America. The Highwayman isn't Blossom City's most dangerous villain, but one of our most annoying.
<Tylerroper> Cop turns to villain. "Some guys never learn."
* Maiden_America nods
<Maiden_America> so it seems.
<Tylerroper> As cop hauls off the Highwayman, one of the Girl Scouts asks for your autograph.
<Maiden_America> take him away officer
* Maiden_America glances at the GS
<Tylerroper> she's gushing away about how cool that was.
* Maiden_America will sign her autograph
<Maiden_America> who should I make it out to?
* Maiden_America dazzling smile
<Tylerroper> Can you make it out to Marcy?
<Maiden_America> Sure
<Tylerroper> Well, as you do that? The girl, who's all of what, three and half feet, suddenly hauls off and gives you an uppercut like you've never felt before - right between the legs! Whooom!
<Maiden_America> To Marcy You don't have to have powers to be a heroine Maiden America
<Maiden_America> GANH!
* Maiden_America stiffens knees bending together and topple over with a start dropping the pen and paper
<Tylerroper> You actually are lifted off the ground! Before you can even clear your vision she follows up with a devastating punch to your now reachable chin!
* Maiden_America flops over dazed and hurt
* Maiden_America still clutch her loins and blinking away stars
<Maiden_America> w..what?
<Tylerroper> The girl smirks "Aww, did Miss America see stars?" She stomps you evilly in your breast. It 's backed by strength like your own!
<Maiden_America> gahnn!
* Maiden_America clutches her chest breathless
<Maiden_America> ohh....
* Maiden_America rolls over in agony
<Tylerroper> <GIRL:>"I'm a midget, superslut! I hired that sap to create a diversion, not draw your attention!
<Tylerroper> <GIRL> But as long as you're here... she pucnhces you in the head. Your head goes into the concrete. Crackkkkk.
* Maiden_America groans
<Maiden_America> OOUuhhnn....
* Maiden_America head lulls
* Maiden_America vision swims
* Maiden_America hands flops down as she feels dizzy
<Tylerroper> The girl rips off the girl scout uniform to reveal a black, high neck, sleeveless leotard on a midget body. She grabs your ankles and swings ou in an arc over her head! Whtam! Into the street! Then back the other direction! Whtamm!
<Maiden_America> UHMPHF! AHNNN!
* Maiden_America slumps unconscious now
<Tylerroper> "Name's Black Diamond, sweetie! Might as well know who it is that's messing you up!"
* Maiden_America cracks having been formed in the side walk
<Tylerroper> She snickers. "Let's make a snow angel. Oh, there's no snow. Oh WELL!
* Maiden_America stirs a little with a groan
<Tylerroper> She punches your beautiful body into the cement, like a snow angel. Pow Crack Sock, Whump! She hits you in the face, the tits, the stomach!
* Maiden_America evidently a fast healer considering
<Tylerroper> <BD>(Sees you stirring)"Oh, no you don't honey buns! You're gonna take a little trip - first stop -"
<Tylerroper> she winds up for a haymaker
* Maiden_America groans
* Maiden_America stirs
* Maiden_America eyes flutter open as she tries to recover
<Tylerroper><B>"DREAMLAND!" she finishes, punching you in the privates. That's it... a finishing blow to your crotch is something not even you can withstand. Lights out, baby.
* Maiden_America groans
* Maiden_America a shock from her loins jolting her and paralyzing her body
* Maiden_America mind shuts down as she passes out from the pain and slumps
<Tylerroper> After a long, painful trip floating through clouds of blackness, you finally come back to consciousness.
* Maiden_America eyes flutter open and body stirs slowly in pain
<Tylerroper> You are upright, but your hands are held fast behind you by something cold and metallic. You are aware you are moving - on some kind of conveyor?
<Maiden_America> uhmn
<Tylerroper> As you begin to wake, you see that there is a line of these huge metal cylinders - you're tied to one. And not far up the line an enormous steel hammer is flattening them...
* Maiden_America looks about flexing her muscles to loosen up as she gets her bearings
<Tylerroper> and then molten metal is being poured into the flattened cylinders! Unless you do something, you are going to be Miss American Pie!
<Maiden_America> EPP!
<Tylerroper> Maybe apple... apple pancake!
* Maiden_America exerts her powers of flight to roll off the convey belt
* Maiden_America once clear starts to exert her strength to snap the cuffs
* Maiden_America looking about
<Tylerroper> Uhh, these cylinders are pretty big. You're tied to one behind your back.
<Tylerroper> Might hurt a little but you make it.
<Tylerroper> You have to strain to bend the metal holding you - no leverage.
* Maiden_America struggles with the cuff if it doesn't look like she's going to make it braces for the blow tilting her body to take it on the side
<Tylerroper> You're in a factory - heavy industry. black and fire. impressive and even a bit intimidating.
<Tylerroper> You hear a single word echo through the blackness - "DAMN!"
<Tylerroper> It's Black Diamond. Somewhere.
<Maiden_America> uh oh
<Tylerroper> She might be as tough as you. Course, it's kind of hard to tell once she bushwacked you.
* Maiden_America is free of the cuffs?
<Tylerroper> Yep - you bent it out of the way before getting crushed. Actually, you would have landed up anyway owing to all the machinery around. You're still a little sore from being punched out, but otherwise fine
<Maiden_America> looks around
<Maiden_America> OKAY DIAMOND
<Maiden_America> it's over
<Maiden_America> come out
<Maiden_America> you won't surprise me this time
* Maiden_America looks about wary
<Tylerroper> Any special vision? Remember, steam, fire, dark factory (as seen in "Rudy" or any other steel film ever made)
<Maiden_America> (no)
<Tylerroper> You hear something above you.
* Maiden_America is a bit dirty and dingy
* Maiden_America looks up ready to dodge to the side
<Tylerroper> Good idea. There's a bucket of flaming hot goo about to cook you
* Maiden_America steps off to the right nimbly for some one her size
<Maiden_America> HEY!
<Maiden_America> Dirty pools.
<Tylerroper> You hear some clanging about two o'clock, ahead
* Maiden_America hops nimbly into the air wondering why this is happening to her
* Maiden_America looks about disoriented wondering what's happening.
<Tylerroper> Suddenly a big steel beam cracks across your cute head
<Maiden_America> UHN!
* Maiden_America flies off from the impact to hit the wall and bounces sprawled on the floor
<Tylerroper> Nothing follows...
* Maiden_America stunned for a moment
<Maiden_America> ow.
* Maiden_America touches her head
* Maiden_America looking about hurting a little
* Maiden_America still not at her best after her initial beating.
<Tylerroper> Stunned, eh? Ever see one of those big wrecking balls on a chain, real close? One's swinging toward you... gonna be REAL close if you make it... IF...
* Maiden_America too groggy to move quickly
* Maiden_America can only manage to raise her arms invfront of her to brace
* Maiden_America slammed back from the force of the wall
* Maiden_America trapped between the wrecking ball and the wall
* Maiden_America made an indentation on the wall
* Maiden_America groan
<Maiden_America> ohhhh.....
<Tylerroper> Oh. Well, in that case - boom! You get hit from your knees to the top of your head, all at once - tummy, tits, thighs, the whole bit. It's a solid hit
* Maiden_America voice croaks a little pained groan
* Maiden_America entire body aching from the blow
<Tylerroper> You're in some heavy machinery, held fast because you got knocked into it. suddenly you hear a snapping sound, like a pipe breaking - and superhot team shoots out at you, blowing you through the heavy iron machinery!
<Maiden_America> AIIEEE!!!
* Maiden_America is blown clear her costume a not as dirty but soggy now
<Tylerroper> You crash through conveyors and machines!
* Maiden_America moves about sluggishly
* Maiden_America the steam making it hard to breathe
<Tylerroper> Boff! You just got a gut punch!
<Maiden_America> guhn!
* Maiden_America unprepared
* Maiden_America doubles with a star
<Maiden_America> start
* Maiden_America winded
* Maiden_America backs up
* Maiden_America brings arms up to try and defend herself
<Tylerroper> As you lean over into it, your tits are hanging down - and Black Diamond lights into them like speed bags. Wappidta wappidaw wappita wappita!
<Maiden_America> ahn!
* Maiden_America staggers back
<Tylerroper> <BD:>Sneers: Do you hear "Rocky"? Do you hear anything but your own moans, now?"
* Maiden_America gending off a few blows but too weak and groggy to be effective
* Maiden_America more than a few leak in
<Maiden_America> ahn...uhn..oh...eck...s...stop
* Maiden_America gives ground backing off and blocking and fending as many blows as possible.
<Tylerroper> She's found your weakness - superpowered or not, when you're equal and she's pounding your breasts... something's gotta give...
<Tylerroper> You just doing defensive moves?
* Maiden_America backing up in a hurry her chest sore
* Maiden_America till she can catch her breath
* Maiden_America hops lightly to try and flee for a few moments out of reach to catch her breath
<Tylerroper> Black Diamond stops her assualt on your magnificent bust and disappears in the darkness.
<Tylerroper> You flee, trying to catch your breath...
* Maiden_America floats there eyeing the patch of shadow she disappeared in ruefully
* Maiden_America decides fleeing is an excellent option
<Tylerroper> Suddenly, something slams into your back! she's done a cannonball on you!
* Maiden_America looks about for an exit
<Maiden_America> UHN!
* Maiden_America thrown forward the small of her back aching
<Tylerroper> BD: You're not going anywhere, honey!
* Maiden_America thuds on the floor with a start
* Maiden_America rolls over and starts to get to a kneel
* Maiden_America arms up to fend of the little hell cat
<Tylerroper> An even darker shadow looms over you. You look up to see her smashing down a huge piece of iron machinery on you.
* Maiden_America throws her self forward
* Maiden_America somewhat tiring and weak and a hair slow
<Tylerroper> BD: Do you know what it's like, being a freak? having the beautiful people get everything?? Do you? SMASH!
* Maiden_America groans in pain as her legs get caught under the machinery
* Maiden_America from the knees down
<Maiden_America> AHN!
<Tylerroper> Do you? Punches you in face. Do you? Pow! DO YOU!!!??? POWWWW!
* Maiden_America stunned as she takes a blow from diamond
* Maiden_America swings a wide desperate left at diamond
<Maiden_America> s..stop
<Maiden_America> go away
* Maiden_America forced to fight from a kneeling position pinned as she is
<Tylerroper> You graze her uhh!
* Maiden_America wide wild swings with her left and right more to keep her away than actually hurt her
<Tylerroper> "You're the one going away, cutie! You're going out of town - way out of town!"
* Maiden_America legs feel numb
<Maiden_America> Black Diamond
<Maiden_America> You should be called devil doll.
* Maiden_America scooffs swing hurt as she is.
<Tylerroper> Since she's a midget, this isn't like a normal fight, You despair as she ducks under your blows - she's s amll target and this close to the ground it's her battle.
* Maiden_America you notice her strength starting to wane
* Maiden_America starting to tire and weaken as fatigue and pain catch up to the spunky heroine
* Maiden_America needs a moment to free her legs and recover but being harassed too much to free her legs
* Maiden_America concerned
<Tylerroper> The midget villain notices, and rocks your world with a blow to the jaw. then another quick follow up to the chest! You're fading, fading, as her small fists crash into you!
<Maiden_America> GUHN! AHNN!!
* Maiden_America sways
* Maiden_America too weak to swing her arms
<Maiden_America> ohhhn...
* Maiden_America sways unsteady
<Tylerroper> BD lifts your chin off your chest, and holding your head, kicks you savagely where the sun don't shine - just to see your reaction...
<Tylerroper> "Sweet dreams... cunt!" she hisses, repeating the move
* Maiden_America eyes clench shut in pain as she keels over unconscious
* Maiden_America slumps out of it again
<Maiden_America> oohhhnnnhhoooo
* Maiden_America groans
<Tylerroper> The bad girl gives the bicentennial babe some hard knocks, to keep her out cold for awhile. Maiden america is in dreamland.
* Maiden_America deep depp deep out
<Maiden_America> (over or continue?)
<Tylerroper> The next thing you know, you wake up looking up at the sky. It's daylight, and clouds are going by. there is no city to be seen.
* Maiden_America stirs
* Maiden_America in a great deal of pain
<Tylerroper> You try to move but seem to be... stuck...
* Maiden_America eyes flutter open
* Maiden_America looks about disoriented
<Tylerroper> Well, sky is going by above you
* Maiden_America can move her head?
<Tylerroper> You are spread-eagled but can move head
* Maiden_America turns her head looking about
<Tylerroper> You appear to have been, well, rubber-cemented to the top of a freight train. You appear to be in Nebraska.
* Maiden_America will eventually regain her strength enough to pull loose
* Maiden_America though Black diamond will h ave been long gone by now.
<Maiden_America> (good end?)
<Tylerroper> There is a note - tucked into your bosom.
* Maiden_America tugs the note look with a frown and reads
<Tylerroper> It warns you to keep out of Blossom City.
<Tylerroper> You're the one who's long gone!
* Maiden_America scoffs
* Maiden_America crumples the note promising her self that they'll be a rematch some day
* Maiden_America just not today
* Maiden_America with a hop heads home to find a hot bath to soak her pains away