Get paid for surfing. A neat concept.

If you do surfing like I do, you can make a few bucks on this. You pretty much go to the attached link. Fill out the form. Load the start up soft ware and install it. You get paid 50 cents a hour after that to surf. That's all there is to it. The program will make a little bar about one inch by eight inches appear on your monitor. It will do little ads while you surf. When there is a green light on the bar you're making 50 cents on the hour. When it's red, you're not making money. That's it. I'm told when you accru twenty dollars or so they send you a check.

Join click the above banner, and go to "join" Fill out the form. Jot down the membership number Then go to the download section and download the set up software. Install it and run it when you surf.